Everyone knows an outdoor enthusiast, but what's the best quality gifts you can get them for holidays? Take a look at this guide.

If you have a true outdoor enthusiast in your life, you're probably scrambling to find something to put under the Christmas tree. Of course, this becomes a lot harder when their Christmas tree is a living evergreen on a secluded mountain trail! This sportswear gift guide can't get you to the great outdoors, but it can help you find some great gifts for those who spend all of their time in the sun!

Whether they're into golf, surfing, pickleball, or other outdoor adventures, an awesome gift from BloqUV will come in handy year-round! All of these gifts provide sun protection, which is helpful even in the winter months. As a bonus, they're all excellent options for those with lupus, too!

Your biggest decision might be which of these safe and fashionable gifts to buy first! Never fear! This outdoor gift guide will provide you with ten excellent options for the outdoor enthusiasts on your list this holiday season.

1. The Unisex Blanket Wrap

Another versatile gift for the nature-lover is BloqUV's blanket wrap. This is another product that boasts the UPF 50+ chemical-free technology, but with even more uses. It is an awesome beach accessory that can transform from a sarong to a swim wrap with almost no effort!

Outdoor enthusiasts who are also parents love to use the wraps as baby wraps and stroller covers. Uses are only limited by your creativity! Giving the gift of a blanket wrap is like giving the gift of protection, leaving the recipient to style it however they please.

2. The Unisex Hoodie

You can't replicate the feeling of slipping on a brand new hoodie, right out of the wrapping paper! The unisex hoodie from BloqUV is even better because it provides full coverage from UV rays. This one is popular with fishing lovers, who spend a great deal of time in the sun and wind, waiting for the catch of the day!

The simple design and range of colors make this hoodie a practical and stylish gift for anyone who spends time in the sun. From gardeners to marathon runners, this hoodie has your back!

3. Women's Relaxed Hoddie Dress

Girls just wanna have fun - and if they wanna have fun in the sun, they're gonna wanna look good doing it! The women's relaxed hoodie dress is stylish, feminine athletic dress that offers the same UV protection as every piece in the BloqUV collection.

This piece can be a fashionable pickleball ensemble or a new favorite beach cover-up!

4. Unisex Sun Sleeves

We all know an athlete with a "lucky shirt" that they insist on wearing to every match or outing. If the shirt is short-sleeved, that athlete is only lucky until they get burned by the sun. Why not get them a pair of UV sun sleeves to wear with their favorite shirt to provide both luck and protection from the sun's rays?

5. Women's Jogger

This past year was "the year of the jogger." For some of us, it was because we finally found the time to get outside and get jogging. For others, working from home provided new opportunities to try out some athleisure styles and get comfy in the remote workplace!

Whatever the reason, women's joggers from BloqUV are a trendy, moisture-wicking option for the trail or the office. Their relaxed fit looks and feels great on a variety of body types - whether you've been running or hanging in the office chair all day!

6. Men's Short Sleeve Polo

The polo shirt is a wardrobe staple for anyone who plays a sport at a club with a mandatory dress code. Golfers, tennis players, and boaters will love the protection that this classic polo provides. Your loved one will gain all the protection of any of BloqUV's products without breaking the dress code, which is a gift in itself!

7. Women's Compression Tights

Ladies love their leggings, and athletic ladies can sometimes go through several pairs a day between exercise and errands! This pair of compression tights even has a pocket, which will immediately make it a beloved part of any collection! The flattering silhouette will make these a favorite - and the sun protection isn't bad, either!

8. Kids Crew Neck Top

If you're shopping for a parent, you can't go wrong by shopping for their kids, too! The kid's crew neck top is a hit with families, as it provides comfortable sun protection. Plus, parents can match with their kids, which comes in handy on busy beach excursions, hikes, and picnics!

For bigger families, they come in toddler sizes, too!

9. Men's Long Sleeve Jet Tee

A classic long sleeve tee is an incredible gift for the athlete who would rather be thinking about the court than the closet. It's a classic staple that comes in a variety of colors that won't get old. The long sleeves will provide great protection from the sun, and the attractive fit will have your giftee looking like a million bucks on the field or in the field!

Give Your Outdoor Enthusiast the Gift of Sun Safety

Gifting is a love language. Gifting the gift of safety from harmful UV ways is an extra way to tell loved ones you care this holiday season. Every outdoor enthusiast on your list would be over the moon to receive any of the items on this athletic gift guide!

Of course, there's a lot more where that came from! The BloqUV online store is full of products for athletes and adventurers alike. With such a wide range of colors and styles, there is something for every aesthetic!

If you're the outdoor enthusiast and you're looking to make a list for Santa, browse the whole collection and leave the jolly fat man a clue! Come up with your own personalized sports gift guide and give your family great, safe options for awesome holiday swag! 

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell