Winter is coming... do you have your winter wardrobe essentials?

And what role does sunscreen play in those essentials?

If you think winter is the best time of the year because you can finally ease up on wearing sunscreen, you're in for some bad news. Even during the colder months, you have to apply sunscreen and protect your skin constantly.

That's because only ultraviolet B or UVB rays are lessened in the winter. Ultraviolet A or UVA rays are very much present all year round.

Now, aside from sunscreen, you also have to consider your winter outfits to be ready. Here, we'll talk about UPF clothing and the essential pieces you need to keep you protected from the sun all winter long.

First Things First: What Is UPF Clothing?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor.

When you wear UPF clothing, you're donning apparel specifically designed to protect against harmful UV rays. Now, everyone can benefit from wearing UPF-rated clothes due to its sun protection factor. They're especially helpful for kids, who have thinner, more sensitive skin, as well as those whose skin tends to burn easily.

UPF clothing is also recommended for people who are taking medications that are sun-sensitizing. These include certain antibiotics, antidepressants, antihypertensives, etc. UPF shirts and so on are also a must for folks in environments where there's greater sun intensity (e.g. equatorial regions, high elevations, on snow or water).

How to Choose the Best UPF Clothing for Winter

Winter is the season for layering clothes. This means if you're shopping for the best sun protection clothing for winter, you also have to consider your base layer, middle layer, and outer layer.

You also have to look at the UPF rating, as well as the UPF fabric. Generally, the higher the UPF rating (40 to 50+), the better it is at protecting you from UV rays. Keep in mind that there's no point in choosing fabrics that are rated below UPF 15 since these aren't considered UV-protective.

As for fabrics, your best choices are lycra and spandex which offer excellent levels of protection. For your second-best options, wool and polyester are okay too.

5 Key UPF Pieces for Your Winter Wardrobe

Ready to shop for UPF clothing? Consider adding these items to your shopping list.

1. Tops

Starting with your base layer, you should look for a UPF shirt such as a rash guard or longs sleeve shirt that has wicking properties. If you get a little heated under the layers of clothing you're wearing, you don't want to risk becoming hypothermic.

2. Hoodies

Still a part of your base layer to protect you from the cold weather, your hoodie should also feature moisture-wicking and be quick-drying. Of course, it wouldn't hurt if it's fashionable as it's functional.

3. Bottoms

For the ladies, there are a number of UPF-rated bottoms to choose from. These include leggings, compression fabric tights, and even skorts.

4. Dresses

Sweater dresses are in! Pair dresses with leggings or tights, plus your trusty winter coat, and you can make dresses a part of your sunproof winter wardrobe to protect you from the cold and UV radiation.

5. Jackets

Don't forget this winter staple. Look for a jacket that has a high UPF rating and offers rain and wind protection.

Sunproofing Your Winter Wardrobe

Now that you know more about UPF clothing and the best pieces to have during winter, don't forget about staying active during this season.

If you plan on golfing, running, playing some tennis, etc., make sure your winter wardrobe is as versatile as it's sunproof. Lucky for you, we have a range of UPF clothes for different activities. You can browse our shop to check our items.

For questions about our sun protective apparel, don't hesitate to contact us.

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell