Heading out for a nice afternoon of tennis? You can't forget your racket, shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen. But what about your UPF tennis clothing?

UPF tennis clothing will help protect your skin from sunburn, signs on premature aging, and other harmful effects of the sun. But it will also have people asking where you got your trendy new outfit!

You don't have to sacrifice fashion for function with these seven, sun safe, UPF tennis clothing styles. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is UPF Clothing?

You've probably heard of SPF for sunscreen, but how about UPF for clothing?

The sun protection factor(SPF) is a measure of how long you are protected from the sun damaging effects of UV rays, specifically UVB rays. However, the ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) measures your protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Most clothing, even cotton T-shirts, can provide some level of protection from the sun. However, your typical T-shirt has nowhere near the level of protection that UPF clothing can provide. UPF clothing can block up to 98% of UV rays!

UPF clothing can also help eliminate your risk of harmfrom ultraviolet rays more effectively and for longer periods of time than standard clothing or sunscreen alone.

Prolonged exposure to the sun has been linked to signs of aging (like wrinkles) as well as melanoma. So the next time you head to the courts, don't forget to bring your UPF clothing with you!

1. The Quarter-Zip

This versatile long sleeve is perfect for any outdoor activity that requires both agility and style.The quarter-zip offers the comfort and style of a full-zip but without the hassle.

This is a great addition to your wardrobe if you spend a lot of time in the sun during tennis, golf, hiking, or biking. It is especially useful on overcast days when you want to stay warm but still get protection from the harmful UV rays that can reach you through the cloud coverage.

2. Full-Zip Crop Top

This is an item perfect for layering with your favorite tennis tank. The full-zip crop top is a trendy, youthful look that won't weigh you down with extra fabric. This is an item meant to protect your neck, arms, and shoulders from the sun.

Look for a UPF tank top to wear underneath to complete this functional and fun outfit.

3. The Classic Long Sleeve

Colorful long sleeve t-shirts will never go out of style. And it's perfect to keep you protected from the sun while working on your forehand.

Pick a long sleeve with slimming lines and be sure to check the UPF rating before you buy. You can also find a turtleneck version if you want more protection for your neck.

4. Tennis Skirt Over Leggings

Try pairing your favorite tennis skirt with a pair of UPF leggings for a trendy look on the court. The breathable fabric of the leggings can help you move freely without overheating all while blocking the harmful rays of the sun.

You can mix and match plain colors with patterns for an extra fun look, or match a solid colored skirt and leggings. You may also find options that combine the skirt and leggings into one garment like this capri skort.

5. Long Sleeve Crop Top

For warmer weather, you might want to check out the long sleeve sun shirt crop top. This item protects your arms, shoulders, and chest from sun exposure.

Pair this long sleeve with a high waisted tennis skirt for a complete outfit.

Be aware that this style of top does leave your midriff bare, so it is important to use and reapply sunscreen to those areas not covered.

6. Super Sport Hat

A UPF hat will protect your scalp and offer shade to your face and neck. For bright, sunny days the super sport hat will block out powerful rays and even improve your ability to see the court in front of you.

These hats generally come with a detachable drape which covers the back of the neck. The brim is slightly longer than a traditional baseball cap to allow you to spot the ball high up in the air without the sun directly in your eyes.

The super sport hat is lightweight and breathable to keep your head cool even on hot days.

7. Bright Colors With A Collar

Women's collared shirts have grown more popular on the tennis court and the golf course. Available in bright colors and patterns you can make this style your own.

You can find this type of shirt in stretchy, moisture-wicking material whose relaxed fit is perfect for strenuous activity.

Caring For UPF Clothing

If you take good care of your UPF clothing it may last longer. The best way to wash these items is in cold water. This will extend the life of the item and will also prevent it from shrinking.

If you are using a standard washing machine choose a gentle or delicate cycle for your UPF clothing. If you are using a detergent, pick one without perfumes and dyes.

Do not bleach your UPF clothing or iron it as that will reduce its effectiveness.

You can dry UPF clothing by laying it flat or hanging it, but do not dry it in direct sunlight or using your dryer.

If there is a stain on any of your UPF clothing, treat immediately with cold water and gentle detergent. Then, wash as instructed above.

Start Shopping For Your UPF Tennis Clothing Now

UPF tennis clothing offers style and function. It can reduce the aggravation of applying and reapplying sunscreen when you are out on the court.

When you're shopping for UPF clothing be sure to check the label for confirmation. Also, use sunscreen on any areas not covered by your clothing. You should still try to avoid direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Play and look your best in your new UPF tennis clothes.

If you want to start shopping forUPF clothing for women, take a look at all the great items we have on our site!

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell