BloqUV and Jantzen have collaborated to create the perfect paddle suit. Read here for a guide to the paddle suit that is perfect for all of your beach days.

It's official! BloqUV and Jantzen have partnered up to bring you the best of what beach wear has to offer. We've created a formula that brings unrivaled UV protection and unmatched styles.

We know you may have some questions about our ideas behind this collab and its functionality. So keep reading to learn about our innovative design that makes this paddle suit a must-have.

Before you know it, you'll be embracing the sun in your new paddle suit, feeling confident and chic!

BloqUV and Jantzen Collaboration: How It All Started

The BloqUV x Jantzen collaboration redefines the paradigm of sun protection and fashion. But how did these collaborative clothing designs start?

First, BloqUV has always focused on a new era of sophistication and sun protection. After 14 years of hard work, BloqUV is a market leader in sun protection. However, it wasn't always easy.

The idea of clothing and sun protection was unheard of, and many believed it wasn't possible. Thankfully, after many years in the hot Florida sun, Corina Biton-the founder and president-knew a change was needed.

And soon the journey to make fashionable yet protective beach wear began. But innovators like BloqUV are always looking to improve their products. And so comes Jantzen in the picture.

Jantzen started as a small bathing suit company in 1918 and soon after they expanded. Now they're bringing fashion-forward pieces for all body types. Now, the two companies have partnered together to bring five distinct prints. Each print comes in five styles, some including a dress, shirt, and, of course, a UV-protective paddle suit.

Introducing the BloqUV X Jantzen Paddle Suit

When you think of paddle suit styles, you don't often think about fashion. Most paddle suit styles are fairly generic. Its intended purpose is to facilitate easy movement in water sports. Hence, the form-fitting design and lightweight feel.

Typically, paddle suits come from stretchable materials such as spandex or neoprene. However, BloqUV and Jantzen had a different vision using Nylon and Spandex.

First, this UV-protective paddle suit has a built-in bra. This design provides exceptional support, making it ideal for all that enjoy beach sports.

Also, the fabrics follow the AATCC TM 183 law to ensure full protection even after washing. Therefore, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on dry cleaners to keep your UV paddle suit up to code.

And these protective and one-of-a-kind fabrics are now available in fashionable prints. Jantzen curated 5 unique prints. Keep reading to learn more about the print styles!

Let's Discuss Prints and Color

When looking at the BloqUV and Jantzen collaboration, the first thing you see is color! The prints also give homage to the exclusive beachwear lifestyle.

For example, the ombre print reminisces about the beauty of a beach sunset. Another print closely encapsulates the diversity of flowers in coastal areas. While other prints have hues of blues that capture the ocean's intrinsic views.

Overall, these unique prints were crafted to tell a story and shine a light on the beauty of active living.

Style and Functionality

It's no secret that fashion has become less accessible, whether of price or functionality. It seems as if you're either overpaying for name-brand styles or underpaying and getting cheap material.

Unfortunately, paddle suits and items alike fall under the same issue. Many companies fail to create an effortless transition from sports to leisure. Luckily, that is how this collaborative effort began.

BloqUV and Jantzen have embraced the unique needs of modern women. Instead of covering up imperfections, BloqUV and Jantzen have decided to embrace them. But how, you may ask?

First, BloqUV and Jantzen paddle suits provide functionality and style to an array of sizes. Sizes come in extra small up to extra large!

Secondly, the paddle suit has a built-in bra. So you don't have to worry about buying the correct bra to fit your beach wear. The built-in bra also has ample coverage, so no more worrying about cleavage and bouncing.

This feature is especially great for water and regular sports, as loose chest coverage can be uncomfortable. As you can see, BloqUV and Jantzen have found a way to make fashion comfortable.

Industry-Leading Fabric Material

One of the unique features of BloqUV is its fabric. What we mean by this is the design and material choices. BloqUV is one of the first to feature quick-dry technology while providing a stretchable feel.

Not to mention, its durability and long hold. So when you purchase a BloqUV paddle suit, you'll be protected for years to come. Unlike other cheap paddle suit materials that end up in landfills after a few months of use. 

Lastly, the BloqUV and Jantzen paddle suits come in a long-sleeved style. The added coverage protects you from the sun but also external forces. This feature is very important for those who love surfing, swimming, beach volleyball, beach tennis, water skiing and other water sports.

Expert Tips on How to Choose the Right Beach Wear

Not all water sports are the same-like not all body shapes are the same. So it's important to know your needs before buying a trendy paddle suit. First, think about your intended use of the garment. Are you planning on playing beach volleyball, kadima, paddleboarding, surfing, swimming or just lounging?

These questions are important as they will help you choose between a paddle suit or other beach wear. Next, let's explore the different styles offered and learn which is best for you.

BloqUV X Jantzen - Women's Long Sleeve

One of the very first drops in this collaboration was the long-sleeve 24/7 top. This top comes in five prints and is used 24/7 for any activity. The 24/7 is BloqUV's top seller and 5 Star customer-rated. However, its intended use can differ depending on your needs. For example, 24/7 can be used on the tennis court and then over a swimsuit providing arm sleeves and hand coverage. 

But you may be wondering how a long-sleeved top can function in the water. Don't worry, we're here to explain.

BloqUV lightweight quick dry fabric is perfect in the water and when wet. Long sleeves offer more mobility by providing an aerated structure in the under seams. Therefore, the user has full protection from the weather, while still having full mobility.

This long-sleeved top can replace a paddle suit if you're looking for a versatile option as it can be worn for other events. For example, the BloqUV and Jantzen long-sleeve can be worn for running, hiking, tennis, pickleball and more. 

BloqUV X Jantzen Women's Relaxed Mock Zip Top

Wearing a full-on sweater vest or hoodie can be comfortable during colder months. But there should be a middle-ground for these styles. Luckily, the Relaxed Mock Zip-Top is perfect for those days.

The design allows for breathability and some warmth. So if you're an avid pickleball enthusiast or enjoy hiking, then this garment is right for you.

It's not quite a paddle suit. However, it can be worn in water sports such as paddleboarding and kayaking. These water sports have less full contact with water. Therefore, they're perfect for those who want protection without committing to a full paddle suit.

BloqUV X Jantzen - Women's Hoodie Dress

If you're looking for a hoodie with a twist, look no further. The amazing BloqUV and Jantzen Hoodie Dress combines comfort and new-age chic. 

This garment is especially great for those who play dry sports. For example, tennis, golf, and pickleball. The carefully crafted seams allow you plenty of room to do the things you love. 

And because it's a dress, you can feel comfortable going out afterward. This garment is great for busy students and moms. 

BloqUV X Jantzen - Women's Everyday Crop Top

Lastly, an everyday crop top for when you want to feel a little sexy. This top is so versatile it can be worn for yoga, tennis, and other sports, and can also be worn over a swimsuit. Or wear it as a fashion statement during a busy day. 

The crop top falls perfectly under the waistline and creates a sculpted look. So you always look sleek and sexy. 

Hidden Features in the BloqUV X Jantzen-Paddle Suit

Of course, the paddle suit is one of the most popular drops in this collection. And we've discussed some of the features above. However, there are more hidden features we must discuss.

First, the BloqUV X Jantzen paddle suit wanted to bring comfort to traditional surf wear. Therefore, they designed this paddle suit to have a front-facing zipper. 

This zipper allows users easy access, which can be beneficial if you're a busy gal. The fabric also has a quick-drying feature. But how is this possible, you may ask?

BloqUV created a fabric that "wicks away" water. This process is done by weaving the fabric structure so that water particles can get through the microscopic holes within the materials. 

This process is very meticulous, but it was worth it for BloqUV and Jantzen-Paddle. Another great feature of the UV protective paddle suit is the versatile bottoms. 

Many paddle suits have sheer bikini coverage. However, BloqUV and Jantzen knew the importance of providing coverage in the bikini area. Therefore, the paddle suit is crafted to ensure hold and coverage.

Why Sun Protection Matters

For many, sun protection means applying sunscreen once a day or wearing a hat. But for innovators like BloqUV and Jantzen, it means so much more.

As stated by the VP of Sales at Jantzen, Jennifer Waycott "This partnership allows us to communicate the importance of embedded sun protection and performance properties in fabric allowing women at all stages of life never to sacrifice style and comfort." This message encapsulates the core mission driving the unconventional options of beachwear.

But let's dive deeper and discuss the true importance of UV paddle suits. The first advantage of a UV paddle suit is its ability to protect against harmful UV rays. This feature reduces the risk of sunburns and sunspots.

Protecting your skin against the sun can also reduce the chances of skin cancer, which can be fatal if left untreated. This factor is most important, as it allows for safe water activities.

If you need another reason to wear a UV-protective paddle suit, this last fact should convince you. Skin elasticity and overall skin health are heavily influenced by the sun. Too much sun can cause damage, but not enough can result in deficiencies.

Presenting you with the issue of not knowing how much sun is right for you. But with this collaborative clothing design, you'll get the best of both. So say hello to tan and youthful skin.

Our Efforts Towards Growth and Innovation

Both Jantzen and BloqUV have pledged to bring innovation to UV protective clothing. And while others have fallen behind, they have made continuous advancements in UPF technology.

BloqUV provides comprehensive information on skin cancer screening, which could save your life. So by choosing BloqUV, you're prioritizing your well-being and contributing to educational efforts to the community. 

Jantzen and BloqUV: Our Final Thoughts

Just like BloqUV, Jantzen started with a small idea and worked for its success. This collaboration represents the merging of technology, hard work, and fashion. 

This love project has been long awaited and we're so excited for like-minded thinkers to enjoy the ease of beach wear. 

These prints and fabrics are one-of-a-kind and came to be over the course of many months. We are proud to stand by our final product and give the market what it's been needing for decades.

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