If you are looking for ways to look and feel comfortable in UPF clothing, BloqUV's newest styles can help. Here is a guide on the new styles of UPF clothing.

Did you know that your skin can burn in as little as 10 minutes without proper protection? And multiple burns can increase your risk of skin cancer.
To avoid this, most people reach for bottle after bottle of sunscreen. But nobody enjoys wearing sunscreen, especially when it's hot and they are likely to sweat.
However, there are other ways to protect your skin while staying up to date with sun protection and summer fashion: UV protective clothing. Not only is it more enjoyable than putting on sunscreen, BloqUV's UPF clothing is modern and lightweight. While protection from sunscreen can range from broad spectrum sunscreen with a 10 to 50 SPF, UV clothing can provide more comfortable UPF 50+ protection.

Modern styles of UV clothing are far more fashionable than they used to be. Today, you can wear sleek, flattering clothing that doesn't make you look like a tourist.
Wondering why you need to add UPF clothing to your summer styles, and what new styles you should check out? Keep reading for all the answers.

Benefits of the New Styles of UV Clothing

In the past, wearing UV clothing meant shopping at tacky outdoor clothing shops. The only clothing that provided real benefits was not flattering by any means.
Our goal at BloqUV was to redefine the standard of UV protection. Our fashionable, sleek active-wear does not look anything like technical UV clothing of the past.
These unassuming, sleek-looking garments are packed full of the technical features you need. Our clothing has a minimum of UPF 50+ blocking 98% of the sun's rays.
And the UV protection doesn't come from chemical additives; it's built into the fabric itself. So you can continue washing and using our garments for years without losing any benefits.
Our clothing is light, breathable, and keeps you cool, so you comfortably can block the sun's rays without having to wear greasy sunscreen, even on the warmest days.
But the best part is, you can go outside, whether for a run, a hike, or for a workout with your friends, and still look amazing. Here are the new summer outfits of UPF clothing to check out this season.

Styles To Check Out This Summer

Wondering what styles we are most excited about? Here are functional, fashionable, sun protection clothing styles you never knew existed.

Women's Drawstring Crew Necks

Looking for a cute, versatile long sleeve shirt? Our new drawstring crew neck includes adjustable drawstrings on the sides. This makes it easy to wear your shirt as long or as short as you like.
This is the fashionable, yet functional top you've been looking for to pair with joggers, shorts, or a swimsuit. It can even be used as a rash guard. Longer sleeves with thumb holes protect the hands while your paddling or during any other activity.

Women's Relaxed Mock Zip Top

Our new mock zip-top provides a more relaxed, loose fit compared to our original, best-selling mock zip top. It's perfect for any occasion, as it can be worn comfortably by itself on warm days.
On cooler days, it does just as well over a t-shirt or under a jacket. The high collar keeps your neck safe from the sun, which is the most common place to burn and eventually develop skin cancer.
Longer sleeves with a thumb hole protect the backs of your hands, making this perfect for any activity, such as paddle boarding, running, biking, or while spending time on the boat.



When it's hot out, most people want to wear shorts. But that requires either wearing sunscreen or soaking up harmful UV rays.
With our new cool, stretchy, moisture-wicking compression tights, you can have it all. Go for a run, bike ride, do some outdoor yoga, or just run errands while looking good and staying cool, dry, and safe from skin damage.
Our compression tights are sleek and far more flattering than your average leggings. They even come with functional side pockets for when you don't quite need to carry your bag with you.


Men's Short-Sleeve Crew Necks

Looking for those functional, everyday pieces of clothing that you can default to in the summer? UV blocking long sleeve and short sleeve crew necks are perfect for daily wear in the heat. Short sleeves can be paired with with our sun sleeves for arm coverage when needed.

A simple design will allow you to replace your bland, normal t-shirts with UPF 50+ shirts. In fact, your typical white cotton t-shirt only provides about 5 UPF, making it a hazard to wear in sunny conditions.
We also have long-sleeve crew necks for your little ones, since they hate being slathered with sunscreen, just to get covered in sand, creating a big sticky mess. Children's skin is far more sensitive to UV rays and should be protected at all times.

More of Our Favorite Styles

Planning a beach vacation this year? Or are you just hoping to spend as much time out by the pool as possible?

Our hoodie dress is one of our most popular pieces. With long sleeves and full chest coverage, the hooded dress offers wind and sun protection.
This is the perfect piece to wear over your bathing suit when you stop for brunch on the way to the beach, or to get dinner and drinks after a day in the sun. And if the wind kicks up while out on the boat, this will help block the chill.

Our unisex blanket wrap is the perfect way to lounge on the beach or poolside. Use it high to cover your chest and arms or tie it around your waist to cover your legs or swimsuit.

They also serve double duty as they can be used as a baby blanket or stroller cover. These are some of our most functional pieces and should be part of everyone's summer collection. You'll find yourself reaching for this over and over again.

Stay Safe the Smart Way

Yes, you'll still need to use sunscreen on the parts of your body that are exposed to the harmful UV radiation. But wearing modern styles of UV clothing will make it so you don't need to cover your entire body with it.
Now you can actually enjoy the sun, prevent skin damage, and look good all at the same time. Check out all our styles today to ensure you can spend as much time as possible this summer.
January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell