Americans are spending more and more time outside, appreciating nature, and getting active after Covid.

As people flocked outside over these past few years, a whole generation of outdoor lovers was created. If you have family and/or friends that love their outdoor hobbies, you may be looking for inspiration for gift ideas.

In this post, we're going to give you an outdoor gift guide so you can nail gift-giving this holiday season. An outdoor enthusiast can be difficult to buy for because they already have everything. Keep reading, however, and you'll have a list of the best clothes, tools, and toys on the market.

Speakers and Headphones

Anyone that enjoys spending time outdoors usually enjoys music or podcasts to listen to at the same time. Buy a Bluetooth speaker or headphones from JBL, Beats, or Anker and you'll have a home run gift.

Bluetooth headphones are amazing for going on runs and hikes, while a BT speaker is perfect for a day in the backyard or laying on the beach. Either way, you can't go wrong by giving the gift of sound.


Loving the outdoors and being active almost always go hand in hand. Even the most intense outdoors person needs to take a load off once in a while. What better way to do that than in a durable ENO hammock?

These things are made of serious materials that are almost impossible to rip, so they'll be able to take it pretty much anywhere. Between the hammock and the straps, they take up almost no room in a backpack also. They come in singles or if you're buying for a couple, doubles.

Running Clothes

It's important to get outside and run all year round, but especially in the summertime. When you're going on long-distance jogs, however, you've got to protect your skin. Too much sun exposure can lead to a litany of skin problems down the road.

A great gift for your fit friend is a running shirt from BloqUV. Our running apparel gives you all of the freedom of motion that you need from a running shirt, but they're made of 50+ UPF sun protective materials. We've UV lab tested them to block 98% UVA and UVB rays as well.

Cooler Tote

It's easier to enjoy the outdoors when you've got a great cooler with you everywhere you go. Most portable coolers are cumbersome to carry around because they're really just meant for excursions to the beach or your friend's BBQ.

One of the best holiday gifts for an outdoor enthusiast that likes trekking around is a cooler tote. This is a tiny version of a cooler that you can bring anywhere. It's big enough to keep drinks and snacks cold while you're on the trail, but small enough that it won't bog you down.

Winter Gear

Some people prefer to get outside in the summertime, while others can do it all year round. If you live in an area with harsh winters, get your loved one a new pair of toasty mittens to keep their hands warm in frigid temps. A good base layer is another thing that anyone can appreciate in the winter.

Even in the winter, it's important to protect your face and neck from the sun. A BloqUV unisex bandana is a great addition to anyone's winter closet. Not only will it give you 50+ UPF protection, but it'll protect you from those cutting winter winds.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are an important wardrobe item for those with diabetes or varicose veins, but any athlete can benefit from wearing them. They're great for improving blood flow in your legs, which can lessen pain and swelling.

If you know a runner, hiker, or high-performance athlete, compression socks will make for a great gift to boost recovery times.

Trekking Poles

If you've seen a loved one get into hiking, then you know how the accumulation of gear progresses. First, they need proper hiking boots to handle the terrain, then all of the best hiking clothes that promote airflow.

Eventually, they're going to start doing more difficult hikes. This is when trekking poles come into play. These handy sticks help hikers traverse tricky conditions, like ice or scree, and provide support when going up and down steep inclines.

Sun Sleeves

No matter what outdoor hobbies your loved one partakes in, there's a good chance their arms are going to be exposed to the sun. For golfers, gardeners, or joggers, having something with an athletic feel and look that also blocks UV rays is crucial.

BloqUV's sun sleeves are moisture-wicking, quick-dry arm sleeves that you can wear alongside your athletic wear. They're also antimicrobial and odor-resistant, and the UV protection won't come off in the wash.

Sunburns are prevalent on the forearms, so give the gift of arm protection and your loved one's arms will be safe from the sun's rays.

New Tent

Ask your gift recipient what type of camping they like doing. If they're into car camping, you might consider getting them a 2-4 person tent that they can set up an air mattress and live in comfort.

If they're into backcountry camping, they'll need a single-person tent that can be strapped to their pack. A good tent is an expensive investment, but that's why it makes such a great gift for someone you care about.

Nature Books

A great way to inspire an outdoor enthusiast is to give them books about other outdoor enthusiasts. If they enjoy solitary camping or long hikes, they'll appreciate having a good book in their pack to read during their downtime.

Plant and animal identification books are always a safe gift as well. The more you learn about the nature around you, the more you can really enjoy the outdoors.

Your Outdoor Enthusiast Gift Guide

These are a few gift ideas that'll please any outdoor enthusiast. When you know someone that spends all of their time outside, it's important to give them the right equipment to do it safely and enjoyably.

What's most important is that they're protected from the things that can harm them, like the sun. With BloqUV's line of sun-blocking clothes and accessories, your loved ones will be able to spend more time outside.

Check out our products page today to find the perfect men's, women's, and children's outdoor athletic gear to buy for your holiday gifts.

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell