A UV blanket is portable protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. How should you wear one? Learn in this how-to guide.

What's in your beach bag? You most likely pack towels, sunscreen, and a good book to enjoy on the sand. Whatever else you bring, your first thought on a sweltering day probably won't be "grab the blanket!"

That's most likely because you've never heard of a UV blanket. We make these blankets out of special UV-blocking fabrics that can keep you and your children as safe as sunscreen. You won't have to worry about chemicals or reapplication when you're shielded by a soft and safe UV Blanket.

You don't need to hide under the covers to enjoy a safe day under the sun! These blankets are versatile, and you can wear them in myriad stylish ways! Your biggest problem with a UV blanket will be deciding how to wear it first!

Luckily, this UV blanket guide is here to provide some information and inspiration! Read on to learn more about these blankets, how they work, and how to style them.

What Is a UV Blanket?

A UV blanket is a colorful, lightweight piece of fabric with protective qualities. The UV blanket from BloqUV is a massive 72" by 27" which makes it a one-size-fits-all option for adults and children alike. The thing that makes these UV blankets unique is their versatility -- you can use them as a blanket, a wrap, or worn in one of several stylish ways.

Most importantly, a UV blanket provides significant protection from the harmful rays of the sun without the use of any chemicals. The UV blanket from BloqUV is UPF 50+, making it as effective as many high SPF sunscreens! When tested in the laboratory setting, BloqUV blankets successfully blocked 98% of UVA/UVB rays!

The unique material is not only soft and stretch resistant but is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial. It won't shrink, and it doesn't need to - it packs easily, making it easy to transport to the beach, on the trail, or in the diaper bag. It's even wash-resistant, so it will not become less effective or lose its protective qualities over time.

How Do UV Blankets Work?

Not all UV Blankets are equal. BloqUV's blankets are effective because they use an exclusive fabric technology known as BloqTek®. All fabrics used in the creation of BloqUV products are laboratory tested to ensure that they provide full UV protection.

Every piece of fabric has a UPF value, which is a measurement of the amount of UV radiation that can access your skin. A higher UPF value ensures greater protection from the sun. It can prevent sunburn and skin damage just as well, or better, than topical products.

Compare the BloqTek® fabric to the standard cotton found in a t-shirt, which you might use as a coverup at the pool or the beach. Cotton fabric contains a UPF of 5, which is less than the weakest sunscreen found in cosmetic products. In contrast, BloqTek® fabric contains a UPF value of 50+, making it as effective as sunscreen products, but without the chemicals.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, fabric only needs to have a UPF value of 30 to qualify as a sun protectant. BloqUV's fabric goes above and beyond to provide protection. Unlike many other UV-resistant fabrics, BloqTek® does not become less effective when wet.

How to Wear a UV Blanket

The UV blanket from BloqUV is the most versatile of all sun-protective clothing. Unlike a shirt, you can fold it, tie it, and wrap it in near-infinite ways! The large size makes it ideal for either children or adults.

The Sun Wrap

When you're wearing a bathing suit under the sun, you're leaving a lot of skin exposed. Much of that skin is in areas that can be hard to reach on your own, such as your neck, shoulders, and back. There's a reason why those areas are some of the first to burn, even if you're careful!

You can style your UV blanket into a sun wrap by draping it cape-like over your shoulders. Take one side and pull it across your body to provide an attractive drape effect. This will protect your back, neck, shoulders, chest, and upper arms - plus, it looks great!

The Sarong

Most sarongs that you can buy at the store come in a gauzy fabric that won't do much to keep you protected from the sun. Swapping your sarong for a UV blanket can keep you covered while protecting your most delicate skin from damage!

Wrap the blanket around your waist and tie it to one side. Adjust the draping until you like how it looks! BloqUV blankets come in so many colors, you're sure to find one that compliments your favorite swimsuit!

The Cover-Up

If you are using a t-shirt or cotton dress as a coverup, there is a reason why you're sporting a sunburn all summer long. You can achieve the level of coverage of your average beach coverup with a UV blanket and avoid the burn.

Wrap the blanket over your shoulders, with the bulk of the fabric draping forward. Pull each side behind you, wrap-style. Tie it in the back to achieve the look of a halter dress!

The Baby Wrap

Grown-ups shouldn't have all the fun! UV blankets make excellent wraps for babies. The added UV protection provides peace of mind for parents who love the great outdoors.

Simply use the blanket to swaddle your baby using your favorite swaddling technique. The soft, chemical-free material is breathable and antimicrobial, and ideal for little ones!

The Best UV Blanket from BloqUV

Severe sun exposure increases your risk of skin cancer- make sure to limit those chances with our BloqUV blanket. No matter how you style it, the UV Blanket from BloqUV will protect your skin all summer long! You don't need to put it away when the summer ends, either. The protection is just as valuable when it's time to jump on the ski lift and enjoy your favorite winter sports! All blankets are snow and water resistant.

Ready to get styling? Browse our selection of blankets and choose your favorite today! Our quick shipping will ensure that your new favorite accessory will arrive before your last beach day of the year!

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell