What Does UPF Clothing Ratings Mean?

UPF is the system used to rate the level of protection a piece of clothing has against both UVA and UVB rays. The higher the UPF, the better the sun protection.

Clothing with a rating of 25 indicates that the fabric will allow 4 percent of UV radiation to pass through it. Clothing with a UPF 50 rating will only allow 2 percent UV transmission.

Anything less than a UPF 15 rating is not considered UV-protective and can cause sun damage. A basic cotton t-shirt, for instance, has a UPF 5 rating, meaning 20 percent UV radiation goes through it. It’s recommended that your clothing have at least a UPF 15 rating.

Now that you know all about UPF ratings let’s get into the ways you can layer your clothing this fall:

1. Choose Polyester Clothing for Outdoor Sports of Activities

For those early morning runs or long hikes in the woods this fall, be sure to layer up with polyester tights or long sleeve compression rash guards. Not only does this material keep you dry but it does a great job at blocking UV-light.

2. Throw on a Nylon Jacket or Coat

Like polyester, nylon is also an excellent sun-safe fabric. The thick synthetic fibers make it difficult for UV rays to penetrate it. If you’re wearing a low UPF fabric, throwing on a jacket made from nylon will provide the UV-protection you need.

3. Opt for Wool Sweaters and Cardigans

When the temperatures get cooler, reach for that extra cozy wool sweater. Wool is another fabric that protects your skin from harmful sun rays. Now, you have yet another reason to love your favorite fall sweater.

4. Wear High Collars

Not only do high collars make a bold fall fashion statement but they provide extra protection against the sun. Our sun protective clothing, like our mock zip-top has a high collar and blocks out 98% of the sun’s rays. Its style and type of collar make it the perfect addition to sport underneath a puffer vest or pair it with an insulated bomber jacket, either way, you’re protected from the ultraviolet rays.

5. Aim for Dark Colors

Summer is long gone so it’s time to break out the dark colors. They’re perfect for the season and absorb more UV rays than lighter colors.

Layering Isn’t Only Fashionable But Safe

Layering your fall clothing both expresses your personal style, provides a cooling effect, and keeps your skin protected from dangerous UV-rays. Doing so will reduce your chances of skin damage or developing skin cancer.

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January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell