Did you know that people who use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher daily show 24 percent less skin aging than those who do not use sunscreen daily? So are the ingredients in sunscreen as safe as the sun protection it provides?

Do you use sunscreen? Have you been wondering is sunscreen bad for you? If so, keep reading and find out for sure once and for all.

Reduce Your Risk of Developing Skin Cancer

If you're concerned about the active ingredients in sunscreen being harmful to your body, think again. The FDA has strict rules for sunscreen ingredients to protect the American public. Overall the ingredients in sunscreen are built to protect you and reduce your risk of developing different types of skin cancer.

Sunscreen and sun protective apparel will help to reduce your risk of cancer by blocking harmful UV rays from hitting your skin. The risk of any chemicals entering your bloodstream from sunscreen is minimal compared to the risk of skin cancer.

Prevent Sunburn

Using a sunscreen or protective clothing will prevent sunburn. You should limit your sun exposure and protect yourself and your family from the harmful rays. A sunburn is the result of harmful UV rays inflaming the skin.

The more sunburns you endure the more at risk you are for melanoma and other common types of skin cancer. Try to avoid sun damage by using sunscreen, sun protective clothing and staying in the shade.

When possible avoid direct exposure to the sun. Try to stay under an umbrella at the beach or pool while also wearing sunscreen or protective clothing. Try to avoid any amounts of sunburn in your lifetime.

Decrease Signs of Aging on Your Skin

Are you still wondering is sunscreen bad for you? There are more than just cancer reducing benefits to sun protection. Prioritizing skin care and protecting your skin from the sun can decrease risk factors and signs of aging on your skin.

The damage from the sun reduces the elasticity in your skin allowing wrinkles to form. The sun also creates discoloration called liver spots or age spots. The amount of exposure to the sun throughout a person's life will speed up or slow down these aging signs.

Alternative Forms of Sun Protection

We suggest investing in sun protective apparel if you are hesitant to use a topical or chemical sunscreen. BloqUV blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays.

Wearing sun protective apparel allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of sun damage. You can forget about topical sunscreens and just wear clothes.

So is Sunscreen Bad for You?

So are you still wondering is sunscreen bad for you? All in all, sunscreen is not bad for you. Some sunscreens are made with harmful chemicals, so you should always buy mineral sunscreens with ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. You should always say yes to sunscreen and sun protection for you and your family regardless of skin type.

Sun protective apparel is also an acceptable form of sun protection that can help you avoid any chemicals. If you're interested in purchasing sun protective apparel check out our wide range of styles for men and women.

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell