The Safest Way to Protect Your Skin From Harmful UV Rays

With recent sunscreen recalls making headlines, you may want a different way to protect your skin from the sun. UV protective clothing is a safe alternative.

As summer winds to a close, several families are trying to squeeze in one last beach vacation before school starts back for their children. Many others hope to get as many poolside naps as possible before the pools close down.

Few things are more relaxing than laying out near the water, absorbing the summer sun's rays. However, if you find yourself unprotected and receive extreme sun exposure, this relaxing pastime could develop into a painful case of cancer later in life.

You may think to yourself, "I know, that's why I wear sunscreen!" Unfortunately, though, recent sunscreen recalls have called the safety of sunscreen into question.

If you haven't heard about these recalls, you're not alone. That's why we'll discuss them in greater length below. We'll also tell you about a rising trend that can help keep you safe as you enjoy the water and the rays!

Why Were Sunscreens Recalled?

In July 2021, the pharmaceutical testing company Valisure found 78 batches of sunscreens and other sun care products containing benzene. Several studies demonstrated links between this carcinogen and blood cancer, among other health conditions.

Valisure noted that of the 78 products it tested, a startling 40 products contained significant amounts of benzene. The response to this study was a voluntary recall issued by Johnson and Johnson. The recall applies primarily to Neutrogena and Aveeno spray sunscreens.

However, in a confusing twist, benzene doesn't seem to have roots in any particular brand. Instead, it appears in higher levels depending on the batches, or "lots," that a company produces.

According to Valisure founder David Light, some batches of a product had high levels of benzene. Other batches of the selfsame product don't have any benzene.

Sunscreen is a drug regulated by the FDA, which also states that no safe levels of benzene exist. As such, Valisure's findings are a cause for concern.

What Products Were Included?

Several brands of sunscreen flood the market. Fortunately, the recall does not include all sunscreens. Instead, it isolates specific products, including these aerosol sunscreens:

  • Neutrogena Beach Defense
  • Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport
  • Neutrogena Invisible Daily
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer
  • Aveeno Protect + Refresh

If you currently have any of these products, Johnson and Johnson encourages you to dispose of them. You can also contact the manufacturer to request a refund.

Other Sunscreen Health Problems

These recent findings highlighted something for the public. It turns out sunscreen is not as safe as people often believed. Even if you take the benzene factor out of the discussion, sunscreen often provides inadequate protection.

For instance, for sunscreen to prove effective, you must reapply it after you've been wet for a while. Typically, this would apply when you've been in the water or sweating heavily for a considerable period.

Many people don't reapply sunscreen as often as required for it to keep them safe. As a result, they expose their unprotected skin to the sun for extended periods.

In the short term, this can result in sunburns. Throughout a lifetime, it can lead to skin cancer.

Another danger of sunscreens is the false security offered by SPF ratings. Sunscreens over 30 SPF offer increased protection from sunburn. However, they do little to protect your body from UVA rays.

Exposure to these rays can result in several health problems. These include immune system suppression, melanoma development, and harmful free radicals forming within your skin.

The Alternative to Sunscreen

At this point, you may find yourself alarmed and depressed by all the downsides of sunscreen. However, there is a viable, safer alternative to sunscreen that will allow you to keep enjoying your summer fun.

That solution is UV protective clothing. Some UV protective brands make clothes that are uniquely treated to filter UV rays. While this option has its benefits, these clothes often end up losing their treatment when washed.

In the case of BloqUV, our clothing is not treated so the UV protection does not wash away. It offers much more enduring protection for your body.

These clothes carry specific UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) ratings, comparable to the SPF ratings in sunscreen. We'll discuss these ratings more in the following section.

UPF Ratings

Any clothing can protect you from the sun's UV rays. Even everyday clothing with dark colors, tight weaves, or synthetic materials can help block sunlight.

However, clothes with a UPF rating offer a greater degree of protection. Their ratings range from 15 to 50+, with higher UPF ratings indicating increased UV protection.

How exactly are the ratings determined? Sometimes, the factors that decide a UPF rating vary.

Some UV protective clothing gets its rating due to its fiber density and structure. Sometimes this includes factors like the thread count per inch in the piece. Other clothes include a pre-treatment with a UV-protective ingredient.

Available UV Protective Clothing Options

UV protective clothing comes in several types of pieces. There are UV protective swimsuits, casual outfits, and hats. The idea behind them is straightforward; they cover more of your body and protect you from UV rays.

UV protective clothing makes the perfect active wear for any outdoor exercise. As warmer temperatures roll in, your morning jog or friendly tennis may feel unbearable. You may also find you're getting sunburned more often.

Solve this problem by purchasing UV protective outdoor wear. We offer several styles, ranging from collared shirts and tights to long sleeve shirts and dresses. When you start to sweat, these outfits absorb the moisture to help you cool down.

Moreover, these clothes often look good. You can find UV protective outfits that fit your style.

UV protective clothing also has many options for women. With the right brand, you can find swimsuit covers, polo dresses, and other stylish outfits to keep you safe in the sun.

Our brand also offers UV protective accessories for your protection. For example, you may find UV protective masks to help you comply with COVID-19 measures, as well as other accessories like our blanket, sleeves and bandana.

This clothing is also helpful for doing outdoor work. When you're washing your car or tending your garden, these clothes can help protect you from the sun.

Find UV Protective Clothes Today!

In light of recent findings, it's wise to stop trusting your body's safety to sunscreen. Instead, find much more effective solutions with stylish UV protective clothing.

To find the clothing that looks best on you, search our shop today! We offer several kinds of clothing, from business casual collared shirts to athletic and swimwear. We're confident that we have what you need!

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell