Are you looking for ways to avoid sunburn and other sun exposure risks while horseback riding? Learn the best tips here.

Did you know that seven million Americans were actively involved in horseback riding in some way or another in 2021? And there are 9.2 million horses in the United States and two million horse owners.

Are you interested in getting yourself or your children involved in this noble sport? Even though it can be quite expensive to participate in equestrian sports, it can be assuaged through volunteer work or other means.

More importantly, you will need to worry greatly about sun protection while riding in open fields under sunny skies. Let's read on for sun protection tips while riding in the sun.

Limit Your Exposure To Mid-day Sun

It's important to limit your exposure to the harsh mid-day sun, i.e., from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. If possible, schedule your horseback riding lessons or outings at 7:00 am or 5:00 pm, when the sun isn't so harsh and UV rays won't cause your skin cells to deteriorate.

Even if you are wearing sunscreen or UV protection of some kind, it's still a good idea to avoid going out when the sun is at its peak.

Wear UV Clothing

Another great way to protect yourself while riding in the sun is by wearing sun-protective apparel such as the one made by BloqUV. You can wear long-sleeve tees and pants that block more of the sun's harmful rays and provide stronger UV protection than ordinary clothing.

UV clothing from BloqUV is multifunctional, so you can use the clothes when horseback riding and then use them when you go out for a cup of coffee with friends, or when you go out for a tennis match with your partner. In addition, UV protection doesn't wash away with laundering.

In addition, BloqUV provides hand covers and sun sleeves that can be used to protect your forearms and hands preventing sunspots and premature aging.

Don’t Forget To Reapply

Sunscreen takes 15-20 minutes to absorb into your skin, so make sure you apply it 20 minutes before you plan to go horseback riding. Also, if you are the kind of person who sweats a lot when active, or if you live in a city that's hot and humid, make sure you reapply sunscreen at least every hour on the hour.

This will ensure that the sunscreen not only has time to do its job but also that it doesn't get rubbed away due to sweating or rubbing. Also, remember that with BloqUV clothing, you only have to apply sunscreen on the exposed areas of your skin, like your face, neck, etc.

Get Checked By A Dermatologist

If you ever notice a mole on your skin that looks suspicious, get it looked at right away. Skin cancer is no joke, as 9,500 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every single day!

By going to a dermatologist regularly (every six months if you have a history of skin cancer or other cancers in your family), you will ensure that you can keep on top of any skin abnormalities. Most of them will end up being nothing, but it's that one mole that can cause devastation in your body and skin.

Also, don't be misguided by the size of the spot. Moles and spots are like icebergs. They might be small on the surface, but hide a huge problem underneath the surface, going deeper than you realize.

Wear A Hat And Sunglasses

Even if it seems like overkill, wear a wide-brimmed hat when horseback riding with UVA/UVB blocking sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from any sun damage. Small measures such as these will make a huge difference in your level of sun exposure, as sun exposure risks add up over time.

Teach Your Children About Sun Exposure Risks

Many Americans who were diagnosed with skin cancer got it from the sunburns and sun exposure they received as children. A child's skin can be so delicate and much more vulnerable to sun exposure than you think.

Teach your children about sun exposure risks and make sure to put sunscreen on them every time they go horseback riding. Reapply frequently and ensure they wear UV clothing to keep all areas of their skin protected and safe.

Go For 30 To 50 SPF

There is a lot of misconception about sunscreen floating about the world. Too many people are wearing SPF15 moisturizers thinking that that's enough protection from the harsh midday sun. Others are using expensive SPF100 sunblock when they don't get that much more protection from it.

Experts recommend that you stick to SPF 30 to 50 when choosing sun protection. Make sure that your sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB rays and is non-comedogenic (so it doesn't clog up your pores).

Also, most people aren't using enough sunscreen to protect their faces and body. You will need at least one ounce of sunscreen, i.e., the amount that covers the palm of your hand, to properly protect you from sun exposure. You should be running out of sunscreen quite frequently at this rate, especially if you are going out riding in the sun every day.

There's no need to hide from the sun and declare that you are going to hibernate indoors from now on. Remember UVA and UVB rays can still seep in through open windows, so the best sun protection strategy is to wear UV clothing and sunscreen.

Horseback Riding With Sun Protection Equals Fun Times

When you go horseback riding, you don't want to be worrying about the health of your skin at the same time. You want to let go and enjoy the wind in your hair as you spend time with these gentle creatures.

With proper sun protection tips in place, you will be well protected from the harsh sun rays and you won't have to worry about your family's or your skin health. Be especially careful about this, if you have a history of skin cancer in your family.

Interested in purchasing UV clothing? Check out BloqUV's collection.

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell