Sun, Sand, and Style: The Best Clothes for Beach Sports

Stay cool and comfortable during beach sports with the right clothing choices. Find out how to dress for success and enjoy active fun in the sun. 

Beaches are a common vacation destination for many reasons. They're relaxing, offer tons of great smells and sounds, provide an inexpensive outing, and offer tons of great active opportunities for sports enthusiasts.

If you're excited to get the adrenaline pumping with beach sports, it's important to dress right for the occasion. Read on to learn some features to look for when shopping for beach sports gear and learn some of the best garments for enjoying your next beach day.

Get UV Protective Clothing

While sunshine is a mood-boosting part of any beach day, it can also lead to excessive UV exposure. The sun constantly emits ultraviolet (UV) light. This isn't bad in moderation since sunlight gives you vitamin D, but prolonged or direct exposure can cause serious skin problems.

You might notice your skin wrinkles and burns when in direct sunlight for too long. This is unpleasant no matter what, but it can also lead to skin cancer if it happens too frequently. UV rays can also damage the outer layers of your skin and cause sun spots and painful blistering.

Sunscreen helps you fight the worst effects of UV radiation while at the beach, but sun protection clothing is also important. It stops the UV rays from hitting your skin directly, so your skin layers won't absorb the rays.

Sadly, the normal T-shirts that lend themselves well to active beach fun only block about 5% of UV rays. That's why it's important to get garments that promote physical activity while also blocking out the worst of ultraviolet radiation.

Try Specialized Fabric for Sun Protection Clothing

A garment that blocks out UV rays needs to be made from specialty fabric. You likely can't get anything at your local department store that will work for longer beach days when you're playing beach sports under the shining sun. Luckily, BloqUV has come up with an innovative solution to the problem: beach activewear made from specialty fabric.

Our products are designed with at least a UV Protection Factor 50. They block out 98% of the sun's rays so you don't get more radiation than necessary. This protective blockage is inherent to the fabric and doesn't rely on any chemicals, so it won't come off in either the wash or the ocean.

Prioritize Cute and Comfortable Beachwear

Wearing clothes that reflect your personality and tastes can help you feel confident. Self-expression is important, so you'll want to look cute while playing beach sports by the sand and sea.

Choose clothes in adorable styles and colors designed to complement your best features. Don't be weighed down by exclusively being practical. Keep your fashion sense in mind when choosing beachwear.

Comfort is also important for an active lifestyle, so you'll want stretchy sun protection clothing that molds to your skin. A comfortable material is also important so you can easily move around without getting too hot or cold. Do your research and make sure your purchase is lightweight and breathable.

The Top Women's Beachwear

Even women who enjoy beach sports often love to show off their figure with cute swimsuits. Bikinis and one-pieces can both flatter your figure and make you feel confident.

Unfortunately, "normal" swimsuits you find in stores don't afford much coverage, which exposes your arms, shoulders, and chest to the elements. You want something flattering and form-fitting that still protects the parts of your body exposed to sunlight.

A paddle suit, crop top, or dress is a functional and protective choice for those who want to play beach sports comfortably. 

Women's Crop Tops

If you're looking to feel cute on a beach day while wearing a two-piece outfit, it's important to choose a top that looks flattering on you.

Crop tops are one of the coolest ways to feel fun and summery. Our simple everyday crop top is made to wear over your favorite swimsuit or tank top for protection.

It covers your arms and shoulders without adding bulk to your outfit, which makes it suitable for all kinds of beach sports. Whether you're a fan of beach tennis, pickleball, or swimming, it will stay flexible and cover the length of your body.

Our full-zip crop top is similar to the standard one, but you put it on with a zipper rather than over your head. It gives you neck coverage and long sleeves while also offering thumb holes for hand protection. Like all of our garments, it will protect the backs of your hands from burning and white spots.

Both of these options come in a wide range of colors including pink, lavender, teal, and light blue. You can choose the hue you like best. You also can match it to your favorite swimsuit, sandals, or hat for a cohesive look.

Other Women's Tops

Looking for something more substantive than a crop top? We have short-sleeved crew neck shirts available (can be paired with sun sleeves)in neutral everyday tones. These tees are loose-fitting and comfortable, so they're perfect for those who enjoy running or sightseeing in between playing beach sports.

However, you don't need to have short sleeves if you don't want to. Our long-sleeve tees are loose and comfortable just like the short-sleeved alternatives are. You can also get these shirts in a scallop fit or drawstring crew style if you want to look more fun, sporty, flowy, and feminine.

Turtlenecks are also available if you want to protect the skin of your neck and back!

Those who like the zip-up crop top but want to cover more skin will also enjoy mock-zip tops. Unlike pullovers, which are another great option for outerwear, these have a small zipper that begins at the neck and stops right above the bust. The zipper looks sleek and cool while also making it easier to put on.

Pullovers and unisex hoodies are another awesome choice. You can put them on over any crop top or swimsuit to keep yourself protected from the sunlight while jumping around in the sunshine and staying active.

Women's Bottoms

Wearing long-sleeved shirts and tops that descend partway down your backside works well with bikini bottoms. The length provides some contrast with the shorter cut of the bottoms. This is an awesome way to present yourself as both pragmatic and fun-loving.

However, when you're playing sports in direct sunlight, you'll want something a bit more substantive to put over those bikini bottoms. Capri skorts are a fresh and feminine option that lets you show off a bit of leg while keeping the areas most exposed to sunlight covered. They come in many neutral tones, so you can wear them with any BloqUV long-sleeve shirt or crop top regardless of its hue.

We also offer loose-fit joggers for those who want a lot of freedom of movement. However, leggings are also a great choice because they're stretchy and skin-tight. It's easy to run around in them, bounce a volleyball around, or try water-skiing while in these comfortable and lightweight pants.

You can get capri leggings or full-length ones depending on your preferences. To complete the ensemble, pair black, navy or gray leggings with brightly-colored shoes matching your colorful crop top.

Stylish Sun-Resistant Dresses

Women looking for something to easily pull over a swimsuit when the sun comes out will like sporty UV-resistant dresses. Hoodie dresses are comfortable and loose-fitting. They also have pockets, which is nifty if you're carrying snacks or seashells around.

Hoodies also obviously come with a built-in head covering, so you can pull it up if it starts raining. You also can use it to protect your head and hair if you decide to go water-skiing or play Marco Polo in a paddle suit. Swimming games are a core part of enjoying beach sports, so you want to be prepared!

You also can choose to buy a women's relaxed coverup dress with drawstrings  providing adjustable  length and neck and hand protection.   This is one of the most functional and visually appealing items that BloqUV offers.

The BloqUV x Jantzen Paddle Suit

One of the best things that can protect you on beach day is the BloqUV x Jantzen paddle suit. It looks like a classic swimsuit with long sleeves and a zipper extending down to the navel.

It's made for practical sun-related concerns, but it also is ideal for people who want to express themselves. This is because it comes in 5 fun patterns and prints rather than exclusively solid colors.

If you like floral prints, choose from black-and-white floral patterns and salmon-and-green Hawaiian prints with pink and blue flowers.

You can also choose a dark blue top with blue-and-white patterned sleeves if you want something that brings out the cool vibes of the beach. There's also a pink-and-orange gradient pattern for anyone who likes watching the sunset while lying in the sand.

These paddle suits have a quick-dry material that's perfect for keeping you comfortable after a day of indulging in water sports. Plus, the paddle suit has a built-in bra. It's super supportive when you're bouncing around to catch a volleyball or running across the sand!

Men's Tops

If you're a man who wants to tackle beach day in style, we also offer a wide range of men's tops. From long-sleeve jet tees to zip-up tops, there are tons of options available. They come in many hues including both bright and neutral tones, so gentlemen can express themselves just as ladies can.

Unisex options are also a great choice for couples who want to match. It's a fun and romantic way to show off the solidarity in your partnership while playing beach sports!

Accessories for Style and Sun Blockage

A sun hat is a tried-and-true beachside classic. These hats have wide brims that help keep the sun off your face and chest. They pair well with any BloqUV outfit if you get the right color.

Sun sleeves are one of the most important accessories out there for both men and women. If you plan to wear a swimsuit or short-sleeved tee, these accessories can protect your arms whenever you pull them on. They cover your entire arm including the back of your hand, but a thumb hole makes it easy to maneuver and hold sporting goods.  They are great for driving to avoid truckers tan. 

Blanket wraps are also great for those who want additional sun coverage. They're easy to throw on over your shoulders regardless of sleeve length. Plus, when you're not using them, you can lay them on the sand like towels to rest between sports games.

Choosing the Right Beachwear for Your Needs

Since there are tons of sun-protective clothing options out there, it's important you choose the right beachwear to meet your needs.

Beyond opting for something comfortable and stylish, check the weather forecast for your beach day.  A simple paddle suit is often ideal for beach days. But make sure that it has long sleeves to protect your arms from sunlight while also keeping bugs at bay.

You can also pair clothing together for an effective outfit. You can layer a UV-protective dress over a crop top and bikini bottoms.

Dress is great When playing beach sports and when you decide to lay in the sun or break for a picnic. This will cover more of your body when you're not actively having fun with beach sports.

Aesthetically, make sure you choose a print you like on your outfit. BloqUV strives to make awesome outfits with different patterns that each display unique colors. Choose something that brings out your eyes or the warmth in your skin tone!

Buy UV Protective Beach Sports Gear

Now that you know some of the best special garments for beach sports and relaxing days, it's time to begin shopping. We're committed to providing you with comfortable and flattering garments that show off your figure while keeping you protected.

Our team has been working for nearly 15 years to bring you high-quality sun protection clothing allowing for an active lifestyle. Contact BloqUV to learn more about our products as well as the promotions and sales we have right now.