Just because it's cloudy, doesn't mean your skin isn't being exposed to UV rays! Explore the importance of sun protection in Fall.

In the last few years, the risk of UV ray exposure and the effects it can have on the body (including cancer) have become popular topics of conversation. Everyone knows they should be wearing sunscreen during the summer months and trying their best to protect their skin during those high-heat times of the year.

But all too often, our attempts to protect the skin from the sun stop once we feel that first chill in the air. This is a huge mistake! Sun protection in the fall is just as important!

Not sure whether you need sun protective clothing for fall? This guide will help explain why you should pay attention to fall sun protection. Not to mention, how your skin and health with thank you when you do.

Extended Outdoor Time

Often, summer gets the reputation for being the time we need to spend outside. The hot weather, bright sunshine, and tradition call for those activities like camping, swimming, or barbecuing that bring you to the outdoors.

But summer isn't the only time you can enjoy those things. Fall is often just as good of a time to get outside, especially for things like riding your bike, hiking, or visiting a pumpkin patch. The biggest benefit is that temperatures are comfortable enough that you can spend more time outside without getting overheated.

That time outside is beneficial in a lot of ways but it's important to make sure your skin is protected through all the extra time.

Thin Ozone Layer

One reason it's important to wear UV protected clothing during the fall is that the ozone layer is actually thinner during those off months than in the summer. The ozone layer is basically a shield around the Earth's atmosphere that filters the light that comes through.

As temperatures start to drop the airflow changes around the planet, this makes the ozone layer much thinner than when temperatures start to warm up again.

This means that there's less protection between you and the UV rays from the sun. It's key to keep a close eye on the UV index to know what type of fall sun protection tips you should follow.

Deceiving Cloudy Days

It's easy to get into trouble with UV rays in the fall because cloudy or overcast weather gives us a false sense of security against the sun. Many people believe that the clouds overhead will filter out those harmful rays and make it impossible to get a sunburn at all. When, in fact, that's not true at all.

UV rays can break through the clouds and give you a sunburn before you even know what's happening. Some even experience even worse side effects of the sun on these kinds of days since they aren't wearing any protective layers.

Risk of Exposure Indoors

After hearing about all the potential risks for UV damage during the colder fall months, you may be thinking you're in the clear because you don't spend a lot of time outside. Unfortunately, there's still a small risk even when indoors.

Sometimes the windows that we have installed in our homes can be like magnifying glasses for those harmful rays.

If you spend a lot of time near your windows or in a greenhouse during the fall, it's a good idea to consider adding UV protection to your daily routine just to be safe!

Other Skin Issues Prevalent

The change in temperature can do a number on your skin. Cooler temperatures often mean less moisture in the air which will lead to severe dryness. That dryness can end up leading to intense itchiness, redness, and other uncomfortable skin issues. All of these things make your skin much more vulnerable.

It's definitely not the time to start slacking on your skincare and neglecting those protective barriers. Instead, you should be boosting the hydrating products you're using (hopefully with some SPF!).

Adding UV protected clothing to your lineup will also keep your skin from being exposed to harsher winds and dry air.

Easily Add Protective Layers

Even though we all know sun protection is so important during the summer months, it can be a pain to try to add more layers. It's too hot to want to put on more clothes.

Luckily, those additional UPF tested clothes are a great addition to your wardrobe in the fall.

That's especially true of those days where the temperature fluctuates so much it's hard to dress for. These lightweight and breathable options give you a little extra warmth but won't make you boil as the day heats up. They're the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe lineup.

Keep Up With Good Habits

For many people, there is such an emphasis on good skincare and protection steps all throughout the summer. We get into the habit of daily thinking about how the sun could affect our skin and taking the necessary action to prevent damage, like wearing sunscreen or protective clothing.

Fall isn't the time to lose all of those good habits. You worked so hard to build those up, don't let them go!

Keep your sun protection routine going all year round for the best results and the most complete care. You won't regret taking those few extra steps!

Needed Sun Protection in the Fall

There are so many things to think about when you're trying to live a long and healthy life. We're always surrounded by risks, even the simple joy of enjoying the sunshine can have negative effects if we're not careful.

Luckily, we don't have to be overwhelmed or live in fear because there are simple solutions available to boost your sun protection in the fall. Simply wearing UV protective clothing when you know you're going to have prolonged sun exposure can make all the difference. You can enjoy all your favorite activities without any issues!

Our clothing is perfect for physical activity, stylish, and extremely protective. Contact us today to find out more about our protective options and what might work best for you! 

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell