Some say spring is the best season of the year.

It's a little mix of winter and summer, with all the best (and some of the worst) features of both seasons. Want to go skiing in the warm sunshine? Want to mountain bike on a road with a snowy peak backdrop?

If yes, spring is the season for you. That's why we've compiled a spring bucket list full of fun spring activities that will get you outside and enjoying everything this great big world of ours has to offer!

1. Get Hiking

Now that the sun's starting to make its upward swing, the days are longer and warmer.

That means the snow will start to melt, and many of your favorite (and yet-to-be-discovered!) hiking trails will be ready to enjoy. So one of the best spring activities is to get out there and hit the trails and burn some calories.

Hiking and nature walks are also great spring activities for kids. There's plenty of wildlife to see, with all the animals stirring into joyful activity after the long, cold winter. Best of all, you get to enjoy the springtime wildflowers blossoming and blooming with unwonted, spring colors .

So if you're searching for interesting spring break activities, there are many great spring hikes to enjoy.

2. Skiing

That's right, skiing is still one of the best activities in the spring.

You might not think of this classic winter sport as a popular spring pastime, but springtime skiing has a number of charms all its own. Of course, it's important to know the fundamentals of skiing in April.

It's often the case that there's still a lot of snow on the ground well into April and even beyond in the high country; it all just depends on the weather patterns for any given year. Resorts that are further north and higher in altitude are likely to stay open later.

Also, bear in mind that conditions can be a little uncertain in spring. Expect warmer, slushier snow.

3. Volleyball

Volleyball is one of those spring activities that never gets old.

Spring is perfect for either playing regular volleyball on an outdoor court or beach volleyball if you happen to live near the ocean or a large lake. Of course, with its popularity in the Summer Olympic Games, beach volleyball has of late become an enormous fan favorite.

Beach volleyball probably originated in Hawaii, in 1915, and it's just as much fun today as it was then. Whether you're looking for spring activities for kids or adults, you really can't go wrong with either form of volleyball as an outdoor activity.

4. Running

So you've gone for a hike, and you've gone skiing in April and maybe even played some beach volleyball.

Now it's time to take things up a notch and go outdoor running. After all the gloom of winter—with the cold and snow and lack of sunshine—spring is a time to prepare for the increased activity of summertime.

That's why running is a great activity for spring. You can start slow, and get back into shape; as you adapt to all that exercise, you can test your limits. Running is a great way to reacquaint yourself with your neighborhood, town, city, or your local countryside, after a long wintertime absence.

So break out all your best running apparel, and do some exploring!

5. Horseback Riding

Don't forget, horses have been cooped up all winter too, and they're ready to get out and hit the trails.

That's why horseback riding is a fine way to get back out into the great wilderness. If you're a seasoned rider, saddling up and sallying forth on horseback is likely something you've been waiting for all winter.

Just remember to ease back into things, and take steps to have a safe ride. That means ensuring your horse is conditioned as well since it probably hasn't seen too much activity over the winter months.

Watch out for unsafe trail conditions, since it will be degraded from the winter weather, and keep an eye out for fickle springtime weather while you're at it.

6. Take a Bike Ride

A bike ride is one of those great spring activities for kindergarten-aged kids or older, which is sure to keep them entertained and exhausted by the end of the day.

Now that temperatures are warmer, you can get out there and explore the bike paths, trails, and varied terrain if you have the right equipment. No matter where you live, road biking is the perfect way to experience the joys of springtime.

If you live near the coasts, take a ride along the beach. If you live in the mountains, get out and experience the majesty of the Rockies. Even if you live in the city, the countryside is never far away.

7. Paddle Ball

Finally, with the coming of spring, it's time to trade in boring treadmill runs and get out there and play some paddle ball.

Like volleyball, this is a great team sport that's good for hours of entertainment. Sure, it can be played indoors—but it's a lot more fun outside.

And the best part of outdoor paddle ball in spring is that you get to accessorize with awesome clothing and gear. That way, you can have fun and stop worrying about sun damage.

Get All the Right Apparel and Gear for These Fun Spring Activities

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January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell
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