Did you know that melanoma takes the lives of over 7,000 people each year? Melanoma is cancer that mostly affects the skin. Untreated, this cancer can begin to spread to other parts of the body.

Fortunately, 9 out of 10 cases of melanoma are preventable. Knowing how to prevent skin cancer will help keep you and your loved ones safe from the risk of skin cancers. Although there are several actions you can take to prevent developing skin cancer, not everyone is knowledgable of the prevention steps or takes the time to follow through with them.

Protecting yourself from melanoma doesn't take much effort, only a bit of awareness of your clothing and daily habits. Summer is closing in and this means we need to be aware of these things more than ever. Although prevention is important, so is early detection.

Continue reading below for our guide on how you can prevent melanoma!

Sun-Protective Clothing

Wearing sun-protective clothing is a great first step to take. You should be sure to purchase sun-protective clothing that doesn't use UV chemicals as a way to protect you because these chemicals can be washed away after several laundry cycles.

Instead, focus on clothing that'll protect you without the use of these chemicals. This type of clothing should be worn any time you partake in outdoor activities. There are short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sun sleeves, and even blanket wraps!

There's a sun-protective clothing option to suit just about anyone's needs. It's a good idea to have a few different types to choose from depending on the weather or your activity.

Sun Protective Swim Suits

If you're changing into a swimsuit, then you're most likely planning to spend the day in the sun. The more time you spend out in the sun, the greater your chances are of having melanoma. Rather than wearing a traditional swimsuit, you should consider swimsuit tops that protect you from the sun.

Crew neck tops are great for little ones and adults alike. They cover your arms and neck while having fun in the sun. It'll cover most of the skin, and you'll only need to apply a sunscreen where the skin is exposed.

Unisex Bandana

Having a sun-protective bandana comes in handy for many reasons. The bandana can be quickly placed around your face when on the go. It's an essential piece of clothing for those spending many hours a day under the sun.

The bandana protects your nose, ears, and your neck. It's a quick fix when you need something to protect you that can be easily taken off it needed. The bandana can also be used as a headband to protect your head or even used as a scarf!

Use Sunscreen

Broad spectrum sunscreen should be used each time you face exposure to the sun. Use sunscreen on all areas of the body where your skin is exposed. You should use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more.

You'll also want to ensure that the sunscreen has both UVB and UVA protection as well. Apply your sunscreen every couple of hours to ensure optimal protection. Even on cloudy days you should apply sunscreen! You should reapply your sunscreen more often if you're sweating heavily or if you're spending time in the water.

Find Shaded Areas

During the hours of 10 am-4 pm, the sun is at its hottest. These are the hours when you want to avoid direct sunlight the most. If you must spend time outdoors during these hours, then it's ideal to find shaded areas.

Don't wait until it's too late to search for a tree, umbrella, or another type of shade. If you're under the direct sunlight, be sure to keep an eye on your skin. If you notice it turning pink or feeling hot to the touch, then seek shelter as soon as possible.

Avoid Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are known for causing melanoma and other types of skin cancer as well. If you partake in tanning in a tanning bed, you're more likely to get skin cancer. This is still true even if you only visit the tanning bed every now and then.

If this is something that you can't go without, then consider using tanning sprays or bronzers instead. These options don't require the sun for you to get that natural tan look.

Be sure that the sprays or bronzers you use include SPF as well before you assume they do. There are some that do, but many that don't.

Wear Glasses and a Hat

Don't forget that an easy way to protect yourself from the sun is by wearing sunglasses and a sun hat. These are two easy things that you can grab on your way out the door. Choose a hat with a brim wide enough to cover your head, ears, and neck. Sun hats and sunglasses protect your exposed areas from harmful UV rays.

Try to avoid fabrics that allow a lot of sun in through cracks or gaps in the material. Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun, but they'll also protect the skin around your eyes.

Examine Your Skin

Because melanoma is a type of skin cancer, you can normally spot signs of it on your skin. You should check your skin on a regular basis for any new markings that look like it could be cancer.

It is important to understand the risk factors and pay attention to the warning signs. If you do find something that's questionable, then be sure to see a doctor or dermatologist and have your skin inspected.

You Can Learn How to Prevent Melanoma Today!

With this guide by your side, you can discover how to prevent melanoma and other skin cancers today! Although serious, most forms of skin cancer are treatable when diagnosed at early stages. Practice these helpful tips every day to keep yourself safe.

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January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell