Have you noticed? When it comes to outdoor sports, pickle-ball and paddle boarding have become the go-to sports. I mean what's not to love?

Well, that's a good question actually. What is it about pickle-ball and paddle board sports that is making them grow in popularity?

We are going to find out why so that you can join in on the fun!


Did you know that as of 2018 there was a survey done by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association that found that there are over 3.1 million people playing pickle-ball in the United States?

Pickle-ball is truly the fastest growing sport in America.

If you have ever tried to play tennis, then you will get the gist of Pickle-ball. It is like tennis but considered way easier to learn and to play. The rules are very similar to ping-pong so there is not much to remember.

The sport can be played with singles or doubles. You use a paddle and a ball to play. The ball looks like a Wiffle ball. The court is smaller and has a shorter net. Because the sport is easier to play than tennis pretty much anyone can join in!

The game is also easy on the body, so no matter where your body is physically or what age you are, you can still join in with pickle-ball.

The game is forgiving, so someone who has never played can play pickleball with someone who has been playing for a long time and they can still have a great time.


You can sit, kneel down, or do stand up paddle board. It is a great way to get on the water while getting in a great low-impact cardiovascular workout.

If you are one of the people that associate cardio with things like running or anything that keeps you on your feet, you are not alone. But that is what makes paddle boarding so popular.

It has been shown that you actually have to work as hard to paddle a kayak or paddleboard as you do to walk at about a four miles per hour pace.

The movement that you use to pull yourself through the water is unlikely to hurt any muscles or tendons or put pressure on any old injuries.

This makes paddle-boarding a great sport for anyone, no matter what level of physical activity you are looking for.


Both pickle-ball and paddle boarding are some of the most accessible sports. Which is part of the reasons why both sports are so popular these days.

You can find a pickleball court everywhere. With the increased popularity of the sport, a lot more courts are being installed in communities. They are also allowing free access to the courts during certain hours of the day.

You can actually fit four pickle-ball courts into one tennis court. Therefore a lot more people can play at one time.

The equipment is also easy to find and less expensive. They range in cost so you can try out pickle-ball without investing a large amount.

Paddle boards are another great way to make an easy entry into outdoor activities. Most people today live within 15 miles of water! You can get to the lake without owning a boat which is both expensive and time-consuming. There is also the option of inflatable paddle boards which are very convenient for storage and transporting form one place to another.

Staying outdoors for multiple hours at a time can be harsh on the skin. The UV rays leave us with permanent skin damage and even cancer. Normal t-shirts only block 5% of the UV rays. It is important to protect yourself when out in the sun for long periods of time.

In today's society fitness classes can cost up to $20 a class. But then you go to the lake and you can rent a paddle-board for a few hours for roughly the same amount!

Paddle-boards are also way less expensive than they used to be and they are being made out of high-quality material.


Pickle-ball is also a great way that people stay social and meet new people! Tournaments and pickle-ball leagues are starting to be more and more common.

There is the Professional Pickle-ball Association. Each year the Professional Pickle-ball Association holds a tour. It brings everyone together and to be part of the tournament.

For anyone who wants a competitive edge, sports tournaments are a great outlet. COVID-19 has limited the number of tournaments that are being played.

However, because pickle-ball is an outdoor sports tournament and playing is still safe and being allowed! Just another reason that pickle-ball is still increasing in popularity even during these troubling times.

People are even making their own pickle-ball courts! Drawing lines with chalk, or making nets out of towels, there are a lot of ways to incorporate pickle-ball in your own backyard!

Both paddle-boarding and pickle-ball are great COVID activities that you can do to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while staying safe. Other fun and covid safe water sports are jet skiing, scuba diving.


So you are outside all day in the sun enjoying your pickle-ball tournament or on the late paddle boarding. The sun is glaring down at you. It is extremely easy to get sunburned.

There is a way to make sure that you feel safe and protected from the sun while you play. Bloquv offers UV protective clothing for almost all outdoor activities.

You can shop by activity and select pickle-ball or swim apparel. You will not only be doing something that incredibly fun, but you can look and feel great doing it.

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January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell