Melanoma is one of the most serious types of skin cancer. Melanoma forms when the cells that produce pigments to give our skin color develop cancer. But because melanoma develops on the skin, it's visible to the naked eye and can be detected during its earliest stages.

To ensure that you detect melanoma in its early stages, be on the lookout for these melanoma warning signs. Continue reading below to learn more!

1. Dark Streaks on Nails

When looking for signs of melanoma, it's not common for people to examine their nails. They normally go right to examining their skin. However, check your nails is just as important because melanoma can form in the nail.

When checking your nails, look for dark streaks or spots on the nail. These are most commonly mistaken for blood blisters that are at the base of the nail (closest to your cuticles) and never grows out. If you notice that you have a blood blister that doesn't seem to go away, then this might be a sign of melanoma.

2. Mole on Bottom of Foot

One common area for melanoma to appear is on the bottom of the foot in the form of a mole. It's also a common area for melanoma to form and not be spotted. Why?

Many times people don't think to look at the bottom of their feet for moles. However, it's possible for melanoma cancer moles to grow here and on the palms of your hands. If you notice any new moles in these places, get them checked out by a doctor immediately.

3. Stubborn Pimples or Wounds

In some instances, melanoma can appear to be a stubborn pimple or wound. If you have a pimple or wound that isn't clearing up or healing, then it's time to be concerned. Give it a few weeks to clear up and look much better or to go away completely.

If this doesn't happen then it might be a sign of melanoma. If this is the case, the pimple won't be filled with puss and no matter how hard you squeeze it, there won't be any relief of infection. It's also important to note that it may also go away and then reappear in the same exact spot.

4. Vision Problems

Melanoma of the eye is actually the second most common form of this cancer. Rather than a spot appearing on the skin, it'll appear on the back of the eye causing vision problems. Unfortunately, the only way to discover this melanoma spot is to have your eyes dilated and a doctor exam them.

Although not even suffers symptoms, you might experience blurry vision, dark spots on the iris that grow, and other eye problems.

Conducting Self-Exams

Conducting self-exams for melanoma is simple! You'll want to inspect each part of your body to ensure there's no cancer. When checking your face, use mirrors to get a clear view of your eyes, nose, ears, and lips and other areas exposed the most especially if you don't wear a bandana while outdoors for long periods of time.

When inspecting your scalp, use a blowdryer to expose each section of your scalp while looking in a mirror.

Check the back and palms of your hands including your fingernails for any signs of moles or blood blisters. Scan your arms in the mirror as well. Start at the elbow and then work your way up to your shoulder, checking both the inside and outside.

You'll then want to use a full-length body mirror to check your torso, upper and lower back, and finally your legs and feet.

Don't Ignore These Melanoma Warning Signs!

Even if you believe that skin cancer will never happen to you, take the time to be 100% sure by conducting self-exams and never ignoring these melanoma warning signs! And to protect yourself and prevent melanoma from targeting you, check out our outdoor activewear made to protect your body from the sun.

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell