Sun Protection for Volleyball Players: Benefits of UPF Shirts

Playing outdoor sports like volleyball exposes you to UV radiation and increases your risk of skin cancer. Find out how to protect your team with UPF shirts.

Last year, volleyball experienced one of its biggest growth spurts in nearly two decades. While many players are still competing on the court, many are taking to the beach.

Outdoor volleyball presents unique challenges and opportunities that indoor volleyball can't match. However, it also increases UV exposure for players and spectators alike. 

Sunscreen is a great tool to protect the skin from burning and reduce skin cancer risks. If you're looking for something a little more hands-off that will support your performance, it's time to try out UPF shirts.

Why are UPF shirts great for beach volleyball players? Read on to find out.

The Basics of UPF Shirts

You're typical cotton t-shirt provides a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of about 5. That means that about one-fifth (20%) of UV radiation that falls on a typical cotton shirt can pass through the fabric and access the skin.

UPF shirts are treated with UV-blocking technology that can provide 50+ UPF. A 50+ UPF shirt will block 98% of UVA and UVB rays, taking that 20% breakthrough rate all the way down to 2%.

Increasing UV Protection During Outdoor Matches

When you're playing beach volleyball, you're spending hours outdoors, often without shade. UPF shirts can provide long-lasting UV protection for your arms, chest, torso, and back. Here's why this matters.

Preventing Painful Sunburn

During a game, parts of your arms that may not otherwise see a ton of direct sunlight are face-up. When areas of the body that are normally protected get hit with a ton of direct sunlight, they're prone to burning. This is even harder to combat when you're out on the beach and getting hit with direct and reflected sunlight. 

The last thing you want is for this week's sunburn to keep you from enjoying next week's match. UPF shirts can keep your arms safe and ready to serve. 

Reducing Risk of Skin Cancer

Sunburn may seem like a fleeting problem that will pass on its own, but sun exposure can have severe and long-lasting effects on the skin. For starters, the sun is one of the biggest culprits in aging because of the way it breaks down collagen and penetrates to the deepest levels of the skin.

It can even cause damage to the skin's DNA, increasing your risk of skin cancer. UPF shirts are one of the many tools that can help prevent skin cancer.

Supporting Sports Performance

We know that when you're picking protective clothing for athletic purposes, you need options that won't hold you back. UPF shirts are the perfect choice for beach sports, and here's why. 

Protecting Your Skin Throughout the Match

Sunscreen is another great tool for protecting the skin and preventing skin cancer, but it isn't foolproof. After a few hours, sunscreen becomes less effective and you'll need to lather on another layer.

The protection offered by UPF shirts won't fade as you wear them. No matter how hard you play and how much you sweat, you can still count on 50+ UPF.

Wicking Away Moisture

We know what you're thinking: won't a shirt that covers your forearms make you too hot while playing volleyball? We've worked hard to create UPF shirts that will keep you cool, dry, and protected all at once.

In fact, when our shirts become wet with water or sweat, the 5-degree cooling effect kicks in. Plus, moisture-wicking fibers pull sweat away from the body, making it easier for your body temperature to regulate. You may find, as many athletes have, that you feel cooler wearing sun-protective garments than typical cotton tank-tops or T-shirts. 

Moving Fluidly

Volleyball is a fast-paced sport and everything can change in just a few short seconds. You need clothing that moves with you and never slows you down.

All of our UPF shirts have four-way stretch fabric. Whether you opt for a snug fit or a loose fit, you'll be able to spike, attack, and block without ever skipping a beat. 

Providing Sun-Blocking Power for Years

As an outdoor volleyball player, you probably go through dozens of bottles of sunblock each season. How long can you expect UPF shirts to last before you need to replace them?

At BloqUV, we use our proprietary BloqTek technology, which never washes out. As long as you follow the washing and drying instructions to protect the garment from basic wear and tear, you can continue to use our UPF shirts and stay protected for years to come. 

More Skin Health Tips for Volleyball Players

UPF shirts can increase your protection against UV radiation by quite a bit, but they work best in conjunction with other methods, not instead of other methods. Remember, your face, scalp, neck, hands, legs, and feet will still be subject to UV rays even with your UPF shirt on.

Make sure to apply non-toxic sunscreen to all exposed areas before each game starts. When you find yourself taking a break on the sidelines, take a second to reapply another layer. If possible, toss on a sun hat during downtime to give your scalp and face some added protection. 

One of the most effective ways to prevent skin cancer is to limit your sun exposure whenever possible. As a beach volleyball player, you spend a ton of time under the sun. When you're not in the middle of a match, hug the shade, relax inside, and take advantage of indoor gyms and courts for practice.

Shop BloqUV for UPF Shirts and Protective Clothing

Volleyball is exploding in popularity and outdoor volleyball is one of the most popular summer sports. Whether you play for fun on beach vacations or play competitively, it's crucial that you protect your skin to prevent skin cancer and sunburn. With UPF shirts, you can enjoy lasting UV protection and moisture-wicking technology.

BloqUV is celebrating our 15th birthday, meaning that we've been pioneering the protective clothing industry for over a decade. Our BloqTek technology is some of the longest-lasting and highest-performing UV protection on the market. 

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