If your little ones don't like being slathered with sunscreen, investing in sun protection clothing for kids is a good idea. Here's what you should know about them.

Did you know that skin cancer can strike at any age?

Despite only a small percentage of children suffering from the disease, preventing skin cancer is key. And that prevention can start as soon as you take your children out into the sun.

While it is rare for children to develop skincare, childhood sunburns can put your kids at higher risk of developing skin cancer as they age.

One of the best ways to ensure that kids don't go on to develop melanoma, either as a child or an adult, is sun protection clothing for kids.

If you've ever considered it for your next time you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors, it could be a game-changer for your family.

Read on for more information on sun-protective clothes for your kids, and how they can help keep them healthy and safe year-round.

Sun Hats, Sunglasses, Umbrellas, and Other Sun Items Often Don't Cut It for Kids

If you have young kids, you know they can complain about virtually anything. From being annoyed to a tag on the inside of their pant leg to not wanting to speak to you for embarrassing them when you shouted their name at school, you name it, your kids are going to get annoyed by it.

Many people try their best to keep their toddlers or very young children safe in the sun by not only applying sunscreen but also adding headgear and sunglasses. While sun hats and sunglasses can be great protection for a little bit, most kids are going to pull them off nearly immediately. You can at least pray that the sun hat will remain for 30 minutes before they angrily pull it off and then a battle of wills ensues to get it back on.

Additionally, while bringing an umbrella to the beach or camping is a great idea, in theory, it isn't going to protect your kids all that well. The adults in the group may be content sipping their iced coffee or cold drinks or having a picnic under the umbrella, but kids are inclined to explore. As such, the umbrella can't really offer them what they need to prevent severe sun exposure.

Sunscreen Is Great, But It Often Isn't Enough

You should always wear sunscreen if you plan to be outside for a long period of time. But, sunscreen isn't a full insurance policy against developing skin cancer later in life, or even against getting a sunburn that day.

You already probably know that little ones can be fickle when it comes to wearing sunscreen. If you're going swimming, for example, they often don't appreciate the extra 5 to 10 minutes it takes for you to lather them up so they can go enjoy the water. For toddlers, the process can also lead to tantrums and tears.

The worst part about sunscreen is that most of us don't even put it on correctly. If you're swimming or sweating, especially, you need to reapply the sunscreen at least every two hours. If you put it on at 2pm, by 4pm it's hardly covering you any longer. And the wetter you get, the faster it can fade away. Don't think of sunscreen as "one and done," but as something you'll need to keep topping up, tantrums and all. That's the beauty of sun protective clothing for kids.

What is Sun Protective Clothing for Kids?

Sun protective clothing for kids is just like it sounds: clothing that helps protect your kids while they're in the sun. While dark clothing can do the job and keep UVA and UVB rays away, it's often uncomfortable, hot, and not necessarily made for swimming or other sporty activities. This makes specially made sun protective clothing for kids all the more necessary.

Truly sun protective clothing has a UPF rating or an ultraviolet protection factor. This signifies how much sun is actually getting to your skin. Clothing with a UPF rating of 30 means that 1/30, or 3%, of the sun's rays, are actually reaching your child's body.

You won't need to put sunscreen on the areas that the sun protective clothing touches your child's body. What's more, your child can be sure they're protected for hours on end if they're swimming or at the beach without having to worry about going in for more sunscreen all over their body. BloqUV's water resistance, quick-dry fabric guarantees to protect your little one's skin.

How Are Sun Protective Clothes Different From Regular Clothing?

Can regular clothing do the job of protecting your child just as well? All of that depends on the clothes themselves. Some items of clothing may protect your child if they're outside and not being active, but the moment your child begins to sweat or go swimming, the fabric can become useless. The only way to be sure your child is getting full protection, without worrying if you missed a spot, is through a UPF long sleeved shirt, rash guard or sun shirt.

Purchasing the Right Sun Protective Clothing

Sun protective clothing for kids is widely available on our website and is suitable for all outdoor activities. While we emphasize that your child still needs sunscreen on their face and hands, and/or legs if they're showing, our shirts will protect most of their body and sensitive skin.

The price for our products is more than worth it, and can cost less than a co-pay to your doctor should you be worried about a bad sunburn or a mole on your child's body.

Shop our kids' range here for your peace of mind to ensure they're always protected outside. 

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell