Besides wearing UPF clothing, don't forget about accessories that can help protect you from sun damage. Here's why a sun blanket is a must-have accessory.

What’s one thing that can ruin a day at the beach within 15 minutes?

It’s the same thing that makes a day at the beach so appealing; the sun. Harmful UV radiation and skin damage can occur in just 15 minutes when you’re exposed to direct sunlight, and the effects can last for a lifetime.

Whether you go to the beach every weekend or you’re just concerned about keeping your skin wrinkle-free, an SPF sun blanket can keep your skin protected against the sun’s damaging rays. Sun blankets are protective yet lightweight, and are more sun-resistant than regular clothing. This provides an extra layer of sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+ for you and your loved ones.

In the blog below, you can learn about some of the risks associated with repeated exposure to the sun. If you’re at all concerned about any of these risks, a sun blanket can provide some peace of mind. Read on to learn why you need a sun blanket this summer.

Sun Exposure at a Young Age Can Cause Melanoma

The dangers of sun exposure extend far beyond a little sunburn. Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that can affect young and old alike. It’s always important to avoid too much sun exposure, but it’s especially important for those who are under 18 years old. When we’re young, getting sunburnt feels like a mild irritation at most.

However, it’s this early exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays that ends up being most harmful later on. Not only does the skin begin to lose its elasticity and develop wrinkles, but the cells can also be damaged to the point where they become cancerous.

Melanoma occurs most often in people who suffer from severe sunburns at a young age; the kind of sunburns that cause blistering. A baby sun blanket can protect young children who are the most vulnerable to this type of painful sunburn. Sun blankets are perfect for covering a baby stroller to protect from harmful rays.

It’s Easier to Protect Against Sunburn Than Repair It

While there are plenty of creams, ointments, and pills out there that promise to repair sun-damaged skin, they’re often expensive and only sometimes effective. The best way to protect your skin against sun damage is to avoid getting the damage in the first place.

You can do this by applying sunscreen, using face lotion that has an SPF of 50 or higher, and covering up when you’re out in the sun. You can also use sun protective clothing and accessories such as UV sun hats and UV sun blankets, which can completely block 98% of UV rays. These blankets are great for covering your feet while on the beach or covering your shoulders on a hike.

The best way to avoid skin damage from the sun is to always be prepared. Keep sunscreen handy, and consider having a sun blanket for car storage.

A Sun Blanket Keeps You Cool While Also Providing Protection

Both reflective sun blankets and traditional sun blankets can provide high levels of protection without causing discomfort. The lightweight materials don't make you hot like regular blankets would.

BloqUV sun blankets even get cooler when they get wet with water or sweat, thereby enhancing the cooling effect. Most sun blankets are also packable, meaning you can fold them up into a small carrying container that can fit right in your beach bag.

The Sun Can Damage Your Eyes as Well as Your Skin

Cataracts cause blurred vision by clouding the lens inside your eye. If you have cataracts already developing in your eyes, repeated exposure to UV rays can speed the process along. While you may have had years to avoid cataracts surgery, exposure to the sun may worsen the issue to the point where surgery is needed sooner.

Sunglasses are a good first step towards avoiding sun exposure, but a sun blanket can help as well. The more you block UV rays from reaching your eyes, the healthier your eyes will be in the long run.

You’re More Likely to Use Uv Protection if It’s Portable

How many times have you gone out on a sunny day only to realize you forgot your big bottle of sunscreen? The more portable the product, the more likely it is that you’ll have it on you when you need it.

Sun blankets are a great example of this. They’re so lightweight that they can be folded up into a small bag. You can keep a sun blanket in your purse, your car, or in a hiking backpack. That way, you’ll never have that sinking feeling of getting caught in the sun without any protection.

Keep Your Skin Safe All Summer

This summer, make sure you don’t let your sunny days get ruined by painful sunburn. Not only does sunburn hurt at the time, but each time you get burnt you raise your risk of developing skin cancer later on.

You have two choices when you’re going out this summer; skip the sun protection factor and hope for the best, or invest in UV protection that you can keep handy at all times. Because sun damage is often irreversible, it’s worth the upfront investment in UV protection like a sun blanket to avoid expensive ointments and potential skin diseases later on in life.

The best way to stay safe from the sun is to keep UV protection on you at all times. That way, you’re prepared to go enjoy the sunny outdoors at all times without worrying about skin damage. Click here to explore the wide variety of portable UV protection available at BloqUV.

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell