There's nothing like having fun in the sun, but make sure you're protected at all times. Read on for our best tips when shopping for UPF clothing for women.

Summer is just around the corner! That means sun, surf, and a whole lot of sun protection.

Now that it's time for summer apparel, you need to stock your wardrobe with the appropriate clothing. Many women head straight for the sleeveless gear, but hold off! Instead, we implore you to invest in sun protective clothing for women that can offer you UV protection, comfort, and versatility.

But how can you make sure you're purchasing the right one for the job? We're here to help. See below for a list of tips you can use to find the best sun shirts for women today.

1. Mix Up Your Style

Everyone has a style. Every lady has a type of top that they prefer to wear. If it makes you comfortable and confident, then we're all for it. However, we're also here to encourage you to mix things up a bit.

Sure, sun shirts for women come in the classic long sleeve waist top, but that isn't all that's out there. In fact, there are several different styles out there. Look at our women's sun shirt line for further proof on that! We offer styles such as:

  • Full-Zip Crop Tops
  • Crew neck
  • Fashionable Turtlenecks
  • Full-Zip Tops
  • Reflective Waist Tops
  • Mock Zip Tops
  • Hoodies
  • Women's Pullovers

We're willing to bet that you naturally gravitated to only a few options you were familiar with. Why not show everybody a new you this summer? You'll still get the moisture wicking, UV protection you need (more on that in a bit) but in a cute and sporty look.

All of our tops can be used for almost any occasion. They are water resistant, so great to place over your swimsuits, to go for a run, or just to have comfortable, sporting clothes to hang out in. Whatever the situation calls for!

2. Look for Online Reviews

We're all for trying new brands, but sun shirts for women (as you might imagine) are a very specialized niche. Only a few brands can offer you products that offer high-quality materials, optimal UV protection, and stylish trims.

Think of these as a long-term investment. If you invest in the right brand, you can have sun shirts that last you several summers into the future. Purchase based on the quality, not the cheapest price. Choosing the latter will give you mixed results at best.

So how can you be sure you're buying from a brand you can trust? Let previous clients be your guide! Whenever you're interested in a specific sun shirt model, click on the product page to read the reviews that were left by other purchasers of that style.

Be sure to ask yourself a few questions as you read through those reviews. Did the customer enjoy the comfort? What size did they choose? Was it the right size? Do the customers recommend a certain color? Do clients mention any certain summer activities they use the sun shirt for?

Positive online reviews can help you have more confidence in your purchase. Without them, you might blindly purchase from a lesser brand.

3. Prioritize UV Protection

We've mentioned it a few times briefly, but as you shop around for stylish sun shirts for women, don't forget the main reason you're buying them: for UV protection.

As fun and refreshing as the summer can be, we need to take precautions. The light from the sun has many health benefits for us, such as helping us naturally produce Vitamin D. However, excessive sun exposure can lead to your skin being exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. Those need to be taken seriously.

That said, there's a balance that needs to be struck. You want to find sun shirts for women that will offer significant protection, yet let in a few UV rays so that you can reap the health benefits (such as the aforementioned vitamin D production).

For that reason, we recommend purchasing sun shirts with a UPF 50+. That will help block 98-percent of UV radiation while letting you enjoy the summer sun.

With BloqUV sun shirts, you only have to put sunscreen on exposed areas of your body. Our UV protection does not wash away after washing, so you'll be able to count on it for years to come!

4. Consider Your Usage

When most women think of sun shirts with UV protection, they generally think they'll only need them at the beach or pool.

If that's the only time you intend on using them, then by all means go for it! However, sun shirts can serve many other great purposes. Some of which we highlighted earlier.

They can be used to help help you feel more comfortable in your swimsuit, during jogs/runs, as a pullover shirt for when you go biking or to a beachside restaurant while at the beach, and so on.

5. Use Color to Your Advantage

Are you hoping to impress your summer crush and get him or her to notice you? Do you want to send good vibes any time you dawn your new sun shirt this year?

If so, then you should use the different colors to your advantage. Using color psychology, you can send subliminal emotions and feelings to those that lay eyes on your sun shirt.

For example, the color pink exudes emotions and signs of romance, calm nature, and kindness, making you more attractive in the eyes of others!

We have over 22 colors in our collection for you to choose from, so you'll be sure to send the exact message that you're looking for.

Invest in the Right Sun Shirts for Women Today

Now that you have seen several tips on how to find the right sun shirts for women and make the most of your style this summer, it's time to shop!

Invest in UPF clothing and reduce the risk of skin cancer. It is always important to wear broad spectrum sunscreen and always check your local UV index to make sure you are exposed to as little sun as possible.

Want to learn more about our brand? Be sure to visit this page to learn more about BloqUV and our mission to provide awesome UV protection clothing.

For any other inquiries, please be sure to reach out to us via our contact us page and we'll be happy to assist you further.

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell