More than 25% of the world's adults don't get enough exercise. That amounts to 1.4 billion inactive people.

Regular exercise has tons of health benefits, from better sleep and more energy to a lowered risk of heart disease and death. Making exercise a habit can help lower your blood pressure. It also gives you more energy, and it's a great way to ease stress and feel better. Plus, it can also improve your mental health.

The trouble is, staying active has fallen by the wayside for many people during the Covid-19 pandemic. The irony is, getting exercise has never been more important.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to stay active during Covid that don't involve heading to an indoor gym. Read on for some helpful tips that will improve your workouts.

Do Your Workouts Outside

Did you know that spending 20 minutes outside can boost your sense of wellbeing? While you don't have to exercise to get this boost, adding physical activity into the mix will make you feel even better.

If you live in a warm climate, try using free weights or doing a yoga sequence on your balcony or patio. Even if you live in a cold climate, try going for a jog or a walk around your neighborhood.

No matter the temperature, you'll get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Just remember to wear UV sun protection when you're outside.

Build Fitness Into Your Daily Schedule

Staying active can be a challenge when you're juggling obligations like work, childcare, and household chores. That's why you should schedule fitness time into your daily routine.

Whether you set a daily appointment in your Google calendar or you keep a sticky note on your mirror, treat your fitness routine like you would a work meeting. Make it a priority.

If you're working from home, plan to exercise first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or right after work. You could head outside for a stroll to clear your head after work or jumpstart the day with a jog around the park.

Try an Outdoor Exercise Class

If you miss the accountability of going to a fitness class or to the local gym, you can try an outdoor class. This will also give you a sense of camaraderie that you might be missing during the pandemic.

Look for an outdoor yoga class or even kickboxing. You could also try out a new sport like paddle boarding or horseback riding lessons. Golf is also a relatively safe sport during Covid, especially if you play with a member of your household or wear a mask. Try working out for 30 minutes a couple days a week.

Before you book your spot, make sure the class organizer will follow Covid-19 safety tips. In the class description, look for mentions of mask wearing, social distancing, and hand sanitizer usage.

Don't forget to wear sun protective activewear whenever you're outdoors.

Listen to Your Body

As important as it is to exercise, you don't want to overdo it. That's why you need to listen to what your body is telling you.

Tendonitis, ankle sprains, and shoulder injuries are all injuries that can happen if you overdo it during a workout. They can also send you to the hospital if they're serious enough.

Some muscle soreness is normal after a new exercise. It's a sign that you're building muscle.

But, if you feel particularly sore after a workout, take it easy in the following days. Go for a stroll outside or do some light stretching on your patio. Give your muscles time to heal and repair themselves.

Recovery is an important part of fitness, so give your body a rest day after a tough workout. Plus, it can help you avoid the need to seek medical attention.

Check Out a New Park or Nature Preserve

After months of doing your own outdoor workouts, you might find you're in a rut. One of the easiest ways to add some excitement to your routine is to change your surroundings.

Instead of taking the same walk around your neighborhood, head to a local park instead. The change in scenery will make you feel more energized. You can also try brisk walking and change your exercise program a few days a week.

Plus, if the park or nature preserve has hills or winding paths, it can help you work different muscle groups.

You could even turn this into a social experience too. Take other members of your household with you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Another option is to call up a friend and have them meet you at the park. That said, make sure both of you wear masks and keep your distance. Remember to cancel if either of you has any Covid symptoms.

Turn Everyday Chores Into Exercise

If you're looking for new ideas for exercise during Covid, get creative. Exercise doesn't have to just be walking, jogging, and weightlifting. It can be any activity that uses your muscles and gets your heart rate up.

You can turn everyday chores like mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, or carrying groceries into a fitness routine and be active at home.

For example, you can do squats, deadlifts, oblique twists, and lunges while you're shoveling snow. You can also choose to do some plank position, mountain climbers or some total body, muscle strengthening activity a few times a day. This will not only strengthen your arms, core, and legs, but it will also prevent back injuries. When you lift properly, you'll avoid injury and work the right muscle groups.

Staying Active Is Key to a Happy and Healthy Life

During the Covid-19 pandemic, staying active is more important than ever. Normal fitness activities at the gym might be canceled, but you can use the opportunity to take your workouts outside.

Always make sure to follow the Covid protocols in your area. You should always wear a mask if you're going to be around others, even if you're outdoors.

It's also important to protect your skin from sun damage when you're outside summer and winter. At BloqUV, our sun protective activewear does just that. Browse our collection of outdoor activewear today.

January 13, 2023 — Gabriella Lowell
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