What Should Your Baby Wear to the Beach?

There is so much joy in taking your baby to the beach. Make sure you protect their delicate skin and learn what baby beach essentials to take along.

Did you know that it's perfectly acceptable to bring a baby to the beach at just about any age? If you love the beach yourself, you're welcome to introduce your baby to it as soon as you feel comfortable doing it.

You will, however, want to provide your baby with protection from the sun while you're at the beach. If they're over 6 months old, that'll mean applying sunscreen to their skin.

But don't stop there. You'll also want to invest in baby beach essentials that'll ensure the sun isn't able to do any harm to your child. From putting your baby in a hat to picking out UV protection clothing for them, you can take steps to keep them as safe as can be.

Here is a guide on what your baby should wear to the beach to make their first trip there a success.


Once your baby grows up a little and turns into a toddler, you won't necessarily need to cover them from head to toe with UV protection clothing. You can go with something like this UPF 50+ crew neck shirt and a regular bathing suit.

But when your child is still a baby, it would be worth buying them a sunsuit. Most sunsuits will be designed to cover babies' entire bodies so that the sun can't get to them.

UV protection clothing will look great on your child and allow them to move around as much as they want. But it isn't going to give the sun a chance to do any damage to their skin.

Of all the baby beach essentials on this list, a sunsuit will be the most important of the bunch. Search for one that'll fit your baby well and provide the most UPF protection possible.


A good sunsuit will cover almost every aspect of your child's body. But it will leave their head, face, and neck exposed to the sun to some degree.

For this reason, you'll want to buy a nice sun hat that will cover up their head and hang down to their neck so that the sun can't reach it. There are hats that are built to block the sun's UV rays just like UV protection clothing is.

Look for a hat you can tie on your baby's head to keep it in place. The last thing you want is for your child to remove their hat when you aren't looking and expose their skin to the sun for even just a short period of time.


You'll need to worry about more than just your baby's skin during their first few trips to the beach. You'll also need to set their eyes up with the protection they'll need.

The eyes of babies and even small children can absorb about 70% more UV rays from the sun than the eyes of adults. Because of this, your baby will need to wear a pair of sunglasses to the beach.

The hat you put on your baby should stop the sun from being able to shine into their eyes for the most part. But a pair of sunglasses will provide their eyes with an additional layer of protection.

Swim Diaper

Generally speaking, it isn't usually a good idea to take a baby into the water at the beach. This water tends to be on the cooler side, and a baby can't regulate their body temperature as effectively as an adult or even an older child can.

You're free to take a child down near the water, though, and you might even want to let them splash around a little without their body being submerged completely. But if you're going to do this, a swim diaper will be a necessity.

A regular diaper isn't going to hold up well at all in the water. A swim one will provide your baby with the protection they need by stopping their diaper from falling apart if it gets to be too wet.


Depending on how long your baby is going to be at the beach, you might want to let them take a nap or even a couple of naps during your trip. It would be nice to have a tent you can set up so they can nap inside it.

Even though your baby will have on a sunsuit and a hat, it never hurts to have a tent that'll give them an added layer of protection from the sun. It'll also be cooler inside a tent than it will be out in the hot sun or even under an umbrella.

Beach Shoes

If your baby still isn't moving around too much, beach shoes might not seem like a necessity. But if nothing else, they'll provide your baby's feet with protection from the sun.

And if your baby is moving around, beach shoes will work wonders for them in a number of ways. They'll stop their feet from coming into contact with the hot sand. They'll also allow them to splash around in the water without stepping on seashells and other things that could hurt their feet.

Towel/Blanket Wrap

While you might not want to take your child into the water at the beach, they may still get at least a little wet. They might also get cold at some point if you stay until later in the day and it begins to get chilly.

In each of these instances, you'll want to have a beach towel for a baby around. You can wrap a baby up in a towel to dry them off if they get wet or put it around them to warm them up if the temperature goes down.

This Unisex Blanket Wrap would also be a great choice for both you and your baby. You can wear it yourself as a UPF 50+ sun wrap, shawl, or sarong. You can also use it to cover a baby at the beach while they're sleeping or even utilize it as a stroller cover.

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As you can see, taking your baby to the beach won't be as simple as packing up the car with whatever clothes you already have for them. You'll need to secure the right baby beach essentials to keep your baby safe and sound.

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