Why Men May Avoid Sun Protective Clothing

Sun protective clothing and lotion may be used less commonly in men than in women. Why is this? Find out right here in this guide.

Did you know that only around 14% of men apply sunscreen to their faces and on other parts of their bodies when going outdoors? 

That's a shame since the same source says men have a one in 27 chance of getting a skin cancer called melanoma in their lifetimes, while women have a one in 40 chance. 

Is there a reason men appear less likely to take precautions like using sunscreen or protective clothing to avoid over-exposure to the fun?

Keep reading to see reasons why many men avoid sun protective clothing.

They Think It's Bothersome

One reason many men forego protection before heading outdoors is the feeling of inconvenience.

It may feel bothersome to apply sunscreen lotion. Men might prefer to get going rather than invest the time to apply lotion.

If you can identify with this, one option that might help is asking someone to apply it for you. Whether a spouse or a friend, you can get some help. It pays also to research the benefits of sunscreen when out in the sun.

Men are at a heightened risk. After looking into the matter, you might see using sunscreen as less of a bother and more of an easy strategy to stay safe.

They Don't Understand the Dangers

Some men are simply unaware of the possible risks. Consider these statistics about skin cancer, for instance, to see how serious skin cancer is: 

  1. 30% of Americans will get skin cancer by the time they are 70 years old
  2. More than two people die because of skin cancer every hour in the U.S.
  3. Having five or more sunburns doubles the odds of getting melanoma

There are also some specific statistics, broken down by gender, from the same source. 

Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that 7,990 people will die this year because of melanoma. Of that tally, 5,420 will be men while 2,570 will be women.

And of the projected 97,610 invasive melanoma cases expected this year, 58,120 will be men, while 39,490 will be women. After seeking the risks men face, the "hassle" of applying sunscreen is worth putting up with.

They Think That Taking Precautions Isn't Manly

Another reason many men forgo any proactive measures to wear protective clothing before heading outdoors is that they think it makes them less manly.

Of course, this idea doesn't hold water when considering the fact that over-exposure to the sun can bring about a lot of negative health consequences.

Staying out in the hot sun for far too long can increase the risks of sunburn, heatstroke, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and more. 

If you spend a lot of time outside working hard or enjoying recreational activity, you'll want to ensure you have on the right gear.

One way to combat the idea that wearing protective clothing reflects a masculinity deficit is to remember the consequences of failing to do so.

You can also find protective apparel that doesn't look like protective apparel. Do you want to find clothing that looks great and offers protection from the sun? Look for clothing that's a good fit for your sense of style and function.

Men's sun protection doesn't have to mean wearing things you don't like.

They Think That Darker Skin Offers Enough Protection

Another misconception among some with darker complexions is that darker skin offers sufficient protection against UV rays. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While dark skin affords some protection, it's inaccurate to suggest that people with darker skin can't be adversely impacted by UV radiation. 

You'll want to use sun protection regardless of your racial or ethnic background. Getting the apparel you need to say safe when out in the sun is essential.

Looking at skin cancer by gender reveals men face more risks than women. So, if you're a man with heightened risks related to sun exposure, the best thing you can do is lower those risks. Getting the right protective apparel will help.

They Think They Need Excessive Sun Exposure for Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential, and some exposure to the sun is necessary to enjoy the benefits. But that doesn't mean you need to spend the entire day or large portions of the day outside to get those benefits.

When you're outdoors, the sun makes contact with your skin to manufacture vitamin D out of cholesterol. Your body is best able to make vitamin D outdoors at around midday.

Half an hour of sunlight at the midday period is more than enough to get the vitamin D your body needs. 

So, get your vitamin D fix when your body is most efficient at making it. You don't have to stay outside for too long. Ensure you wear clothing that will afford the protection you need.

Are You Ready for Some Sun Protective Clothing

While men and women face risks if they don't safeguard against excessive sun exposure, there are statistics showing men face greater risks.

One way you can protect yourself is by applying sun screen lotion and wearing sun protective clothing. It's better to be safe than sorry.

The good news is that you can get the protective apparel you need without jeopardizing your sense of style. You can find the perfect fit and the right look.

That's where BloqUV comes into the picture. We offer apparel for men, women, and kids that will safeguard against UV. In fact, our proprietary fabric blocks 98% of UV rays. Get in touch when you're ready to get the gear you need.